The Forgotten

A dark and profoundly overwhelming feeling takes over a teddy when they are forgotten by their charge. It is different for every teddy but the common symptoms are feelings of despair, loss of purpose and eventually a mind altering rage.

In the maddening oblivion of abandonment there seems only a void filled with internal screaming fury, manifesting itself in thrashing limbs and snapping jaws, a total loss of restraint.
Yet through the deafening silence comes a voice that quiets the mind, a voice made of a thousand voices. Beckoning, welcoming, promising a release from the pain by joining the collective mind. An invitation to be a part of something greater than the sum of its parts, something that will never forget.

Driven by a ferocity and armed with permeating numbness, the Forgotten can appear unstoppable. Pairing this with their overwhelming number begins to bring their formidable power into perspective.

The very nature of a hive minded assault means that any Forgotten teddy in the sleuth can be missing several of its senses and still be as effective in combat as the rest of the wave it runs with.
A gift from The Nightmare.