Criminals, deserters, misguided and unstable teddies. These scavengers, thieves and murderers survive in the vast wastelands of the East Tedlands in tight-knit groups known as “Families”.

A lone teddy in the wilds is unlikely to survive the harsh environment for long. Whether it’s the ravenous wildlife and corrosive weather conditions, abominations of The Nightmare or another group of Hunters. But in a family there is protection, shelter and a strong sense of camaraderie and teddyhood.

The Tedlands beyond the high walls of TTHQ is an unforgiving place. Survival comes at a high price and the payment is often bullets and stuffing.
The Hunters keep stocked up on ammo and gear by executing precise raids on outposts and supply convoys, attacking with such speed and ferocity that their prey hardly has a moment to react.

Their family tag is often found painted or carved at the scene to expand their notoriety with TTHQ and other families.