The Teddy Templar

The Teddy Templar are practically legends.
Walking proof of life after the pain of loss.

Every Templar has experienced the loss of their charge, feeling the gaping void open with the passing of a loved one and finding the courage and strength to choose light over darkness.

In death a teddy is not forgotten. Instead the love remains without a counterweight. An infinity symbol with one half missing, leaving only a teardrop glinting in a vast black ocean. An ocean of solitude, silence and time.
Time enough to train the mind to bear the sadness. Time enough to train the body to fight on when other teddies have exhausted their strength.

Through all the pain comes this resolve: The Nightmare can never own them. With no one to remember them they can never be Forgotten.

And so they step into the darkness unafraid and fight. Fight for Heritage, fight for the loss of their charge and fight for all those that The Nightmare would seek to claim.

Ignis in Tenebris!

Light up the Darkness!