Most of the Tedlands continent can be divided up into territories belonging to the four main factions, but between the lines a small variety of beliefs, lifestyles and even careers exist for those bears who don’t fit the mould.


For centuries there has been an understanding in the Tedlands that all who are Valed are welcomed to High Hearthome, and all Forgotten are drawn to the Cathedral of Lint.

And yet a paw-ful of bears take pride in being an exception to that law. These Valed have accepted the temptations of The Forgotten over any respite and solidarity offered by the Tedguard. Becoming silent sentinels of the The Nightmare.

Although they are only six in number they are feared and fearless. Known as Black Death Riders, Noxmortis, Darkwatchers and other names. They are Valed agents of The Nightmare; gifted with an eye of a Phobus Ommeta, armed with lance cannons and granted use of giant verminous mounts to aid their swift and quiet advances.


Once a forceful presence, after the events of Operation Death Rattle during the Second Teldand Wars they were almost entirely wiped out through the actions of one bear, Theodore Caedes. Now only a paw-ful remain.

But they remain as stoic and battle hardened as they ever were. Still a force to be reckoned with, still a fatal threat to anyone who have abandoned the old ways.

They campaign tirelessly across the Tedlands. They do not forget, they do not forgive, they will not stop until every heathenbear has been brought to the sword and judged.

“These so-called Tedlands belong to us by Ursine right. The torches we carry into these stolen lands will show our adversary the way out, or we will use it to burn their world to ash. Our will, be done.”
– Priest Darkly.


Peaceful survivalists and traders who want only to live out their lives away from the conflicts of the Tedlands and avoid their lives as inanimate playthings.

It is a great benefit of Scrappers to learn the native tongues. Speaking Kinn or Spritesign often helps them locate rusting vehicles or abandoned shelters to dismantle and take back to their workshops, the locals consider it a service to the land making them friend to creatures usually considered dangerously territorial.

Their trade customers consist of any-Ted psychologically stable so their caravan routes intersect with Hunter trade paths, Tedguard trails and HQ convoy routes.

An oddity, first observed by Dr Denkenbear at TTHQ, is that although there are not many Scrappers there is no documentation that any have ever become Valed or Forgotten.


Free agents, bounty hunters and assassins.

With no allegiance to any single faction and client anonymity being high priority the Contractors Guild is a very appealing resource for any-Ted looking to get a job done without being seen as involved.

Within the Guild itself there is a creed of flexible solidarity. A little extra intel or assistance is only a request away so long as the aid comes with a little remuneration, but if a Contractor picks up a job to unstuff one of their own they understand it’s not personal. It’s just business, and business is good. 

However that’s not to say they won’t resist with equally fatal defence.

The Contractors Guild presented an option never seen before. They established their organisation following the events of the Second Tedland Wars. After the regime change at Ursa’s Shield which caused a lot of uncertainty within the ranks. Many didn’t agree with the new Commanding Generals ideas. Some so much so that they defected to the way of the Hunters. But a paw-ful understood their skill was something of a lucrative commodity.

The Guild was born through the collaboration of its nine founders. Accepting only the most combat prolific and disciplined agents through a famously challenging series of tasks. Culminating in a climb to the top of FireFalls to collect a rare ashen flower.

It’s tough to join, it’s tough to be part of, but those who have earned their place within the Contractors Guild are tough by nature.

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