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Welcome to the Tedlands, don’t get eaten!

Tactical Teddies: Patrols is an online/pen and paper hybrid RPG that is completely free to playl

All you need is 8x D10 Dice, a pencil, eraser and a way to print out the Character Sheet.
(If you don’t have 8 D10, use Google’s “Roll Dice” feature!)

Patrols is mainly a narrative adventure with a free-roam aspect, travel between regions and perform Patrols to see how your adventure in the Tedlands unfolds.
Exploration mostly comes down to dice rolls + your ability to manipulate the results, and Combat uses a D10 system I am dubbing the “Flash Combat System” Which is nice and simple but gives variety with every roll.

If you’re ever feeling lost or you’d like to play but feel like you need some guidance on how to start then please just drop me a message on my email address or any of the social media platforms listed below, I’ll be thrilled to talk about the game with you.

Stay safe out there, Ted.

It’s that time of year in the Tedlands when the Cottonflower is in full bloom and the campfire tales ignite the old legend of the Dire Hare once more. Time to get out there and make TTHQ proud, bring back all the Cottonflowers you can and don’t get hugged to death by a fluffy bunny.

Any HIWEZ Squadron Members from Patreon taking part in this event will receive the East Star Commendation and earn a trip to the Squadron Specials stall to spend some of their hard earned Event Coins on looking great!

Good luck out there, Ted.

East Star Event is good for two days in the Tedlands but you must go home between days.

If the second day allows you extra time then that is considered part of the second day.

You may also purchase an extra day from the Squadron Specials Stall here at the Capital if you have the coins for it.

Grab one of the event missions from the mission board and get out there!

If you are interested in supporting the Tactical Teddies universe you can join HIWEZ Squadron on Patreon and become part of an elite group of teddies on the Roster Page who earn commendations and gear throughout your time in the Squadron!



Welcome to the Tedlands. TTHQ values your service to the safe keeping of humans and the preservation of peace in the Tedlands. Get your registration form below and collect your standard issue gear before heading into the Capital grounds. Good luck out there Ted.


Introducing your Character Sheet and Reference Sheet.

Download these by performing one of the two options listed below based on how you’re viewing this page. Once printed. Grab a pencil and eight 10 sided dice, alternatively you can Google “Roll Dice” to do this digitally.

Tap the buttons below to download your print ready Character Sheet and Reference Sheet.

download registration form

AKA Your Character Sheet

Download your survival guide

AKA Your Reference Sheet

Once these are printed out you can continue on to create your recruit ready for the Patrols!


Choose your class!

Though your bear will be able to take part in anything the Tedlands has to offer, your class will give you an edge on certain activities from foraging to combat. Choose a class that sounds like it suits your play style.


You can always switch classes later by filing a CTA001 form at the Equipment Dept. for a fee.


For Teddy Rangers, the contours of the Tedlands tells a story. Reading their surroundings is what keeps them alive and one paw print closer to anything they might be tracking down. A fire is lit at the heels of any bear who knows a Ranger is on their tail.


+2 D10 to tracking rolls.

When going into combat with an opponent you have tracked you immediately make 1 Successful Hit before the first combat roll.


+ or – 1 to Patrol roll results.

When making saving throws you may instead remove a flare and choose a result you would like. You must have a flare on your grenade belt to do this.


Travelling between regions costs 1 less time
(To a minimum spend of 1)

Instead of rolling for a patrol you may pay 15TC to use your drone and choose any patrol or encounter result you like.


The battleground is home sweet home for any Frontier bear. Combat situations that create overwhelming stress for most teds is closer to a chess match for these resourceful fighters. Every move an opportunity to find the weakness in their opponents strategy and exploit it.


If you 5FP or less during an encounter then your successful hits count as 2 damage,

You can equip a second Primary weapon in place of your Secondary Weapon.
If this pack is Broken you still keep the second Primary weapon.


Ignore any counter attacks in the first roll of any encounter.

After any combat roll you may choose to break this pack and convert all counter attacks and special attacks to successful hits .


You may re-roll all deflected result rolls in one round of combat once per encounter.

If a combat roll would kill you then you may Break this pack, ignore the combat roll and (if you would like to) also successfully Flee the Encounter.


Any tear can be stitched and any stuffing can be replaced. In a world full of formidable creatures that would shred them to ribbons in a matter of seconds, medic bears see the Tedlands through a lens that reveals a land willing to help them not only survive, but thrive.


Foraged wadding gives double FP.

+/- 1 to foraging results.


When using Med Kits roll 1 D10. If the result is 8, 9 or 10 then you receive double FP.
All foraged wadding heals an extra 1 FP.


If a combat roll during an encounter would kill you then roll 3 D10. If there are any duplicated numbers then you heal that number of FP immediately.
(For example if you roll two results of 3, you heal 3 FP)
Resting at Camp heals 2FP


On the surface these oil stained bears may seem like simple creatures bashing things with hammers or checking their screws aren’t loose, but under the surface they are some of the most brilliant minds in the TTHQ, with keen eyes and surgical finesse they can seem to breathe life into any rusted mechanism.


You may repair broken weapons by scrapping other weapons. Erase scrapped weapons from your character sheet.

You can repair broken equipment by scrapping one loot. Erase scrapped loot from your character sheet.


You may roll 2 dice when making a loot roll and note the higher of the two numbers.

You can scrap weapons and acquire loot. Erase a weapon from your character sheet and make a loot roll as it is detailed above.


Scrap 2 loot to make 1 grenade, bomb or flare from the Tuck Shop. (Erase scrapped loot from your character sheet)

You can equip 3 grenades directly to this pack. Draw three circles in your Specialisation box like the ones on your Grenade Belt.



You start the event with one Repair Kit, one First Aid Kit, three dice in your Dice Pool and 50 TedCreds to spend on gear.
What the Repair Kit and First Aid kit does for you is detailed below, along with a couple of other things in your issued kit.

With a pencil, add a + or | to the empty squares to show you have these items.

Some gear you buy from the Trade Quarter may grant you extra dice and kits. Add another + if so.

You cannot gain more than the maximum number of segments for dice or kits.

x 1

Use any time to fix any broken weapon.
If you are in an encounter you must resolve any active combat roll before using, you can then use this kit before making the next combat roll.

x 1

Use any time to heal two fluff points.
If you are in an encounter you must resolve any active combat roll before using, you can then use this kit before making the next combat roll.

x 3

3 Dice in your standard dice pool. Your dice pool can be added to by acquiring weapons and gear that grant bonus dice, or by purchasing field training manuals at the tuck shops around the Tedlands.

50 tedcreds
new recruit allowance

Head to the Trade Quarter, Equipment Dept. and Training Grounds to spend your allowance on gear to begin your Patrols. Over time you’ll earn more TedCreds to acquire more equipment, but this allowance should see you off to a good start. 


Time to check the mission boards, go shopping and then head out on your first Patrol!
Head back to the Capital when your time runs out to return home and refresh your time in the Tedlands!

Welome to the Capital!

Whether it’s your first time here or you’re a well known patron of the Trade Quarter, TTHQ welcomes you home, brave Ted.
Check in any loot you have, spend your TedCreds on some new gear and head back out there, you’re needed in the field.



All the loot, including any multiples, can be handed in here and you will be compensated for your finds! Find the loot number, make a note of the TedCreds you’ve earned and then remove that loot from your loot box.

Fallen Bear TedTags

Reward: 2 TedCreds

Electronic Components

Reward: 2 TedCreds

Battery pack

Reward: 2 TedCreds

Ursium Shard

Reward: 5 TedCreds

Hunter plans

Reward: 5 TedCreds

Hunter Tech

Reward: 5 TedCreds

Tedguard Tech

Reward: 10 TedCreds

Dreamgate location

Reward: 10 TedCreds

Forgotten Phantom ectoplasm

Reward: 15 TedCreds

Ennead Relic Location

Reward: 20 TedCreds



You may only take out one of each mission type per day in the Tedlands.
(Denoted by the colour of their seal)


Can be completed once per player.

Cotton flowers are in bloom this time of year so there is a forage rally around the Capital’s neighbouring regions to gather up as much as possible to replenish TTHQ’s stores, ideally before the local wildlife eats them!

You must have the Harvest Pouch equipped to take part in this mission.
Collect it from the Equipment Dept.

Reward: 1 Event Coin for every Cottonflower brought back.

There’s the old story about a terrifying Dire Hare that hides egg sacks containing a cocktail of ferocious LintEaters near encampments during the time of the East Star. A fireside tale spun to spook new recruits, most likely. But we do get strangely sudden infestations around this time of year.

You must have the Prototype Scanner equipped to take part in this mission.
Collect it from the Equipment Dept.
Reward: 1 or 2 Event Coin for every Egg Sack Neutralised (Detailed during the Patrols)


Can be completed multiple times.

Easy Creds for any new bear on the beat.  We’ve received a report from Hill Camp in Crowsrest that it’s time to cull the corvid menace that gives our convoys so much trouble.

Head to Crowsrest and have victorious encounters with Giant Crows.
Reward: 10 TedCreds per victory with Giant Crows.

There’s been a surge of Giant Rats in Ratrun. Problematic being so close to the Capital, a few more miles and they might sniff out the cotton fields which would create all sorts of problems.
Go do something about them, would you.

Head to Ratrun and have victorious encounters with Giant Rats.
Reward: 10 TedCreds per victory with Giant Rats.


Can be completed once per character.

A hastily written mission brief is pinned up on the Mission Board. A fellow ted has lost a sidearm that means a lot to them. A UTR P12 with a night camo pattern. Left in a vehicle that had to be abandoned in Redspine Rows.

Head to Redspine Rows and locate the UTR P12.
Reward: 50 TedCreds upon returning it to the Capital.
(Remove it from your character sheet)

One of the Botanist Medics has a special package for WatchBear Lacy and needs it delivered no questions asked.
Note down “Package for Lacy” In your Inventory and remove it once you’re at the Whispwood Encampment.

Deliver the Package to Lacy at Whispwood.
Reward: 10 TedCreds + 1 First Aid Kit
Given to you directly from Lacy upon delivery.


– Tuck Shop –

Sundries and Consumables to spice up your patrols!

Stun Grenade
Cost: 10 TC

Use during combat: Negate all opponent results in a combat roll.

Smoke Grenade
cost: 10 tc

Use during combat: Negate all combat roll results. You may also successfuly flee combat.

Cluster Bomb
cost: 10 tc

Use during combat: Resolve the current combat roll then (before making the next combat roll) roll three dice that successful hit on 5 or higher, ignoring the opponents combat grid.

cost: 10 tc

Use when making a saving throw: Roll 3 die instead of one and choose a result from them.

Fixit tape
cost: 15 tc

Add 2 Repair Kits.

Ration Pack
CosT: 15 tc

Add 2 First Aid Kits.

Hot Tip
cost: 20 tc

Use instead of rolling a patrol: You can choose the result you would prefer based on the time of day you use it.

Training Manual
cost: 60 tc

Permanently add 1 die to your standard dice pool.



An expansive grounds in the outer circle of the TTHQ Capital full of tactical wonders!

Buy weapons and gear that will aid you on your patrols.
When purchasing new weapons and gear, the item you are currently using is returned to the TTHQ armoury.
All weapons and gear need to be purchased, even if you have previously owned it.

– Primary Weapons –

The meat and potatoes of any combat scenario!

staniss sbr1
cost: 20 tc

After any combat roll: you may ignore the results, bench one die and reroll the remaining. You can do this as many times as you have dice.

staniss razor
cost: 25 tc

After resolving any combat roll: you may re-roll one deflected result. If it is anything other than a Successful Hit then ignore it.

staniss r6
cost: 25 tc

+ one die to your dice pool.

staniss lm1
cost: 30 tc

For every successful hit during combat rolls, roll one bonus die. Regardless of the result this die stays in your dice pool for the rest of the encounter to a maximum of 8 dice total.

staniss slugger
Cost: 30 tc

During a combat roll, if you roll two deflected results then one of the dice becomes a successful hit .

staniss bar-a1
cost: 35 tc

At the start of an encounter, before making the first combat roll, you may choose to bench one die and instantly use another die as a successful hit .

Staniss GL6
cost: 40 tc

During any combat roll, reroll any deflected results.

If you roll a 10 then turn it is a successful hit . Any other result is ignored.

– Secondary Weapons –

Sidearms and melee weapons to compliment your combat style.

Cost: 10 TC

If your opponent only has one hit point remaining after any combat roll then you may choose to instantly deal one extra damage and break this weapon.
If you do not have enough dice left in your combat roll to convert one, breaking the weapon still counts as the final hit of damage.

staniss bear-knux
cost: 10 tc

If your other weapon is broken you may re-roll Special Ability results on any combat rolls.

staniss quilltips
cost: 10 tc

Before making a combat roll, roll 1 dice for every quill tip you’d like to throw. If the result is 4 or above then it becomes a successful hit dice, ignoring the opponents combat grid.
Draw three small boxes in this weapon box. Every time you throw a Quilltip put a cross in one box. Once all boxes have been crossed remove Quilltips from your character sheet.

Staniss t-hawk
cost: 5 tc

+ one die to your dice pool.

Before making a combat roll you may attempt to throw the T-Hawk at your opponent.
Roll 2 dice. If either result is a 10 immediately deal 2 successful hits to them, ignoring the opponents combat grid.
Note that if you throw the T-Hawk but eventually have to flee combat then you lose the T-Hawk. Remove it from your character sheet.

staniss p12
cost: 15 tc

If your other weapon is broken then this weapon can reroll one die during any combat roll.

staniss hotshot
CosT: 20 tc

For every successful hit on your opponent during a combat roll you can reroll one of the other dice from that same roll.

– Load Bearing Gear –

Get the most out of your Patrols with the right piece of gear!
Ignore the colour options in the circles, this is for the Patreon members Avatars which you can check out on the Squadron Roster!

STANISS evader
Cost: 20 TC

For every successful hit you roll during combat you may ignore one counter attack within the same roll.

staniss espion
cost: 20 tc

If you roll two successful hits in the same roll during combat then convert one other die to a successful hit , ignoring its original result.

staniss recce
cost: 30 tc

Add 2 extra dice to your Tracking rolls.

Staniss siege
cost: 40 tc

If you would take damage during combat you may instead choose to break this item and convert all counter attacks and special ability results into successful hits .

– Weapon Charms –

If you have the right special item then you’ll be able to pick up one of these weapon charms and gain its bonus. It is considered to be connected to one of your weapons so make a note in its section and lose the bonus if that weapon breaks.
You may only attach one charm to any weapon.

COST: Hinkypunk in a jar

During the night you may sacrifice four fluff points and choose a night patrol result.

Dragonmoth charm
COST: Dragonmoth silk gland

You may + or – 1 to one D10 during any combat roll if your opponent is a flying creature.

ash golem charm
COST: Spectroliris flower

You may + or – 1 to any saving throws in the Ratrun region.

Phobus arachno charm
COST: Phobus venom sack

If there is a Forgotten opponent in the region then you immediately know where they are. You may sacrifice four fluff points to skip patrol and go straight to an encounter with them.



Here you will find some peripheral gear to aid your patrols in the Tedlands.
You can pay the fee to file a CTA-001 form here and change your Specialisation.
You may also find mission specific and event specific equipment here!

When purchasing new equipment, any equipment you are currently using is returned to the TTHQ armoury.
All equipment with a cost needs to be purchased, even if you have previously owned it.

CTA-001 Form
cost: 100 tc

Switch to a new Specialisation.

Go to the Specialisations section and select your new class.

Harvest Pouch
free East star event gear

+2 dice when making foraging rolls.

Prototype scanner
free East star event gear

+2 dice and -1 time cost when making tracking rolls.

MechaPaw EXO1
Cost: 20 TC

Must have lost an arm.
Replaces lost arm to make primary weapons available again.

Remove the M from the Broken box.
(The lost FP remains until the arm is fixed)

+1 D10 if you have a melee secondary equipped.
If arm is fixed: this equipment is returned to TTHQ without refund.

Staniss Darksight
Cost: 50 TC

You may re-roll one special attack result per combat roll during a night encounter.

Desert breather
Cost: 40 TC

Ignore any negative effects of noxious gas.



Remember the 11 T’s.
Top Tier Tactical Training Turns Timid Toys To Tough Tactical Teddies!

Here at the Training Grounds you will put your TedCreds to good use learning invaluable skills that will keep you alive out on patrol!

You can only have one trait active at a time. If you change trait you will need to spend the TedCreds to relearn (re-equip) a trait even if you have previously owned it.

– Traits –


When buying items from the Tuck Shop at an encampment you may roll 1 D10. If the result is 8 or above then you may choose a free item. If it is below then you just feel awkward for a bit. Either way erase this trait after use.


+ one die to your dice pool.

COST: 10 tc

You can travel between regions once without spending time. Erase this trait after use.

COST: 15 tc

+ or – 1 to Patrol dice rolls during the night.

COST: 20 tc

The first encampment you arrive at are gifted one grenade of your choice and one loot from the camp watch-bear. Erase this trait after use.

COST: 20 tc

If your patrol finds you in combat with another teddy you can choose to avoid it in exchange for one loot (if you have any).

tactical style
COST: 25 tc

During the first combat roll of any encounter you are immune to counter attacks.

Radiant Moon Event

radiant moon
COST: 20 tc

+ or – 1 to saving throws during the night.

grail finder
COST: 35 tc

If one of your patrols result in an instant that grants you loot, you instead find two loot. Break this trait if that happens.

COST: 15 tc

+ one die to your dice pool.

gilded heart
COST: 10 tc

If a weapon would break, you may instead erase this trait. 

COST: 40 tc

When you visit an encampment you may return to full health and fix all weapons and gear for time cost of 1. Erase this trait after use.

Ready to leave the Capital?

Where you heading Trooper? Back home or out on Patrol?



Head home to fully refresh your Time Spent bar!

Your time in the Tedlands has come to an end and you’re ready to head back to your Charge to rest up and spend some quality time together.

There are many benefits to nurturing the connection with your Human Charge so make the most of your time together. Some teddies only get one.

Step through the Dream Gate head back home. You’ve earned it.


Patrol Launch Bay

Leaving the Capital to head out on Patrol costs no time.

There are Postie TPC vehicles leaving to drop bears off at all regions any time of the day or night.
Good luck out there, Ted.


The darkness beyond the treeline is made of more than just shadows.

Redspine Rows

Time to rock and roll. Watch out for falling rocks and large creatures that roll!


TTHQ tried to make the way to the desert impassable. It became a labyrinth of horrors.


Rolling Hills and open skies sounds quite relaxing until you realise there’s nowhere to hide.

Squadron Specials!

A specially for the awesome humans over on Patreon!

Only open for business when a community event is active.
Check the Mission Board for Community Events that earn EVENT COINS.

Take a look through the items in the stall and let me know via Patreon DM what you would like added to your bear on the Roster Page.

Sometimes an item may replace or remove another cosmetic based on how it overlaps gear. If you have any questions about compatibility between certain cosmetics just let me know and I’ll be happy to let you know!

Stay awesome!


– Weapons –

Weapon models that aren’t available on the ranking system!

COST: 5 coin
Staniss T-hawk

Cost: 3 coin
STANISS Quilltips

Cost: 3 coins
STANISS Bear-knucks

Cost: 5 coins

Cost: 5 coins

– Accessories –

Whatever weapon your bear is rocking, make it unique with some awesome new accessories.

COST: 1 coin
Staniss 2x sling

Cost: 1 coin
STANISS Motion pulse

Cost: 2 coins
STANISS Scoutsight

Cost: 2 coins
STANISS Combatsight

Cost: 2 coins
STANISS Illuminator

Cost: 2 coins
STANISS flashlamp

COST: 2 coins
STANISS Supressor v1

COST: 5 coins
Mechapaw EXO1

– Weapon Skins –

Jazz up your combat with these brand new weapon skins! Affected areas of all weapons will mostly be main body and furniture of the weapon. Skins are currently not available for melee weapons.

COST: 5 coins
E.R-nightops skin

COST: 5 coins
Goldvane skin

COST: 5 coins
nomad skin

COST: 5 coins
redmist skin

– Headgear –

More fun accessories for your Ted. Some of these may affect any previous hair choices to be able sit comfortably.

COST: 1 coin
eye bandage

COST: 2 coins
eye patch

COST: 1 coin

Cost: 5 coins
staniss darksight

Cost: 5 coins
desert breather

Cost: 3 coins
STANISS blast shade

Cost: 5 coins
STANISS ear defenders

– Jackets –

Four stylish new jackets to keep your Ted warm and combat ready!

Cost: 5 coins
ashen trench jack

Cost: 5 coins
redspine jack

Cost: 5 coins

Cost: 5 coins

– Damage and Decor –

You’ve been on patrol in the Tedlands and it’s time to start looking the part. No-ted gets out without a scratch or two.

Cost: 3 coins

Cost: 3 coins
eye cut

Cost: 3 coins
cheek scratch

Cost: 3 coins
face chomp

Cost: 3 coins
scaff piercing

Cost: 3 coins
lip piercing

Cost: 3 coins
ear hoop piercing

Cost: 3 coins
brow piercing

– Event Specials –

A couple of extras! A cheap and cheerful wristband to show off that you were part of the event, and the opportunity to go on another full length patrol and earn more TedCreds on top of what you have currently!

Cost: 1 coin
East Star 2024 event wristband

A keepsake from your time on the recent event Patrols.

COST: 2 coins
assignment for another 12 hours on patrol

Return your Time and Fluff Points back to full and get back out there to earn more TedCreds!
Can only be bought once.

TRIMMER is in the house!

Esteemed Tedland stylist Nick Trimmer has been invited to the Capital to equip Teds with their preferred visage.

Important: You may choose one Facial Hair and one Hair Style, messaged directly on Patreon, do not leave style names in the comments so that other Teds may have the best experience discovering them.

TTHQ only approve certain styles and the use of dyes is prohibited. Hair colour will appear as a tone darker than the main fur colour. In a Pandas case that will be black.

All Styles cost 1 Event Coin Each.















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