These dunes will eat you up and spit out your battery compartment if you do not respect the sand, stay on track and stay sharp! Hunter raiding parties aren’t you’re only threat out here.

If you try to finish this endurance hike with anything more than class three injuries you will be disqualified!
This is a skill trial not an operation. 
For any cotton headed hugsops here let me put it plain and simple. You get hit three times YOU ARE OUTTA HERE! Extract to the neighbouring friendly border without delay!

In your pack you have been equipped with a desert breather, a water canteen and a rough map.

Get ready teddy. A quick gear orientation lesson and then it’s time for a stroll!



Dice Rolling!

Firstly, if you don’t have any dice you can simulate a dice here!

One six sided die will do but if you have two six sided dice that will be ideal.

You will be prompted to roll at the start of each phase. You will be prompted to heal at the end of each phase, however you can use healing items any time before you roll a die.

Once you have rolled a die you must do as the scenario requires before you are able to use healing items again. If that happens to take your bear to 3 fluff points of damage thats tough stuffing. You’re out!


Teddy Stats sheet!

A place to track your bears progress and actions through the event. 
You can do this by grabbing a piece of paper and noting down the following:

Using and Losing your Equipment!

Water canteen

Containing three sips worth of water.
If you take a sip from your canteen you heal 1 fluff point. You can take multiple sips to heal multiple points if needed.

If you lose your water canteen it’s tough stuffing, you don’t get that back.

Desert Breather

If you lose your Desert Breather you will lose 1 fluff point any time you roll for the next phase.

Rough map

If you lose your rough map then each new phase roll is reduced by 1.
So if you roll a 6 you actually rolled a 5!

(If your result ends up being a 1 then the rolls you make from that stay as they are)

Bonuses to take note of!

Hood or Scarf

If your bear has a hood, scarf or poncho you may reroll 1 die during the entire hike.

Rifle or shotgun

If you bear is holding a rifle or shotgun then you will win 1 fight with Hunters during the hike. Ignore any of the results from that encounter.

Pistol or knife

If your bear is holding a pistol or knife then you will win 1 fight with creatures or plants during the hike. Ignore any of the results from that encounter.


If your bear has the KoFi Break commendation then your Ted has a coffee shot on day 2 so your alertness is high. If you roll a 1 on that day you may ignore the effects of the description and move straight to Omi river.

Heart of gold

If your bear has the Heart of Gold commendation you have an emergency stuffing ration before the event starts which adds one Fluff Point to your total health.


If your bear has the Conversationalist commendation you have a knack for talking your way out of situations. If you encounter Hunters you may consider that you sweet talked your way out of getting unstuffed. You can only use this once.


Day 1…

The air is like a fire pit. What doesn’t taste like ash just burns like heck, it even hurts your ears. Luckily the desert breather cuts out the really nasty stuff but it does make you consider what must be wrong with a Hunters head to decide to live out here.

The map you received is quite literally a sketch detailing some landmarks and rough distances. You get your bearings and set off!

Roll a six sided die!


Bad start.
Roll 2 dice and deal with both results.
Lowest number resolves first. If you roll a 1 or 6 then reroll until you get a different number.


Redex Hunters Ambush!
Passing through a rocky ravine you spot some silhouettes on the peaks of the flanking rocks. You recognise a distinctive red X painted across their armour. The fight ignites quickly and you escape but wounded. Sustain 1 wound and your Desert Breather is stolen!


Snapping sapper plant!
You walk straight into the concealed maw of a desert plant. Luckily it desires something more fleshy and you are spat out but your map has been completely shredded.


Parching sun!
You are out in the open for too long, through the heat exhaustion you sustain 1 wound.


Firebrat attack!
A gigantic lint eating insect lunges at you from beneath the sand. You sustain 1 wound.


Great start!
Your journey is strangely smooth all day.

Take this opportunity to heal if you are able to.

Night (Radiant Moon)…

With the heat of the first day behind you, a cool breeze soothes your parched fur. The moons blueish hue completely changes the bloodthirsty red desert into something more serene and peaceful.

The stars fleck the enormous sky so much brighter than over the Capital and for a brief moment you understand the impossible beauty of Redsands.

Roll a six sided die!


Rough night.
Roll 2 dice and deal with both results.
Lowest number resolves first. If you roll a 1 or 6 then reroll until you get a different number.


Scythris DragonMoth attack!
A giant creature skulks across the cool dark dunes and sniffs you out. Through the battle you sustain 2 wounds and (if you still have it) lose your Desert Breather.


Moximoths Ambush!

You notice a small movement in the night sky and before you know it you are dropped onto by a Hunter in a nightmarish and ragged flight suit. You sustain 1 wound and your water canteen is stolen!


Wrong Way!
The desert looks alien beneath the Radiant Moon and it turns you around. Before you know it you are back at Storms Stop encampment. Begin again from day 1 (any lost or used equipment remains lost or used)


Midnight Oasis!
You discover a desert lagoon on your route with richly hydrating water. Either fully heal any damage or refill your canteen. If you can do neither then you continue on your way.


Moonlit Meandering!
Your journey through the night is safe and well lit by the seasons Radiant Moon.

Take this opportunity to heal if you are able to.

Day 2…

The moment the sun crests the crimson horizon the weight of its heat claws onto you.

One more day and you’ll reach Omi river and you’ll be off back to the Capital for a cold one at Tobias’ brewery in the social quarter. Toasting to the challenge, sharing stories of your escapades and…

Snap out of it! You need your focus now more than ever.

Roll a six sided die!


Sluggish Start.
Roll 2 dice and deal with both results.
Lowest number resolves first. If you roll a 1 or 6 then reroll until you get a different number.


NumBears Ambush!
A distance rumbling sound grows louder across the dunes! Before you can pinpoint the location you are knocked sideways by an armoured buggy driven by mechanically modified Hunters! You sustain 2 wounds in the fight and they steal your Desert Breather!


Dust Storm!
A gigantic wall of dust and sand pushed in from the neighbouring Dust Flats region sweeps across the desert like a bulldozer. You dash for the cover of a nearby rock. Sustain 1 wound. If you have no mask sustain an extra 1 wound!


You are ensnared by crimson vines that begin to drag you deeper into the desert and way off your path, the distance they cover seem impossibly sprawling. Like the veins of the desert. It takes the entire day to break free from tight grip! Go back to the night phase.


BolderLice Migration!
You are in the path of a gigantic woodlouse migration rolling their way through the desert, you are battered into the sand. Sustain 1 wound.


Smooth Sailing!
You reach the boat in excellent time and head back to TTHQ victorious!

Did you make it?

If got through the Day 2 without having to bug out due to sustaining too many injuries then CONGRATULATIONS!
You reached the boat awaiting you at Omi river!

The driver of the small river vessel greets you with a tall fluted glass of water and a wood-fire toasted cottonball, a fully revitalising combination by anybears standards.

As you take your seat you are informed that if you still have your mask, you may keep it.
(Just let me know if you want it added to your Teds face (it’ll replace sunglasses) or hanging off the belt.)

You return to TTHQ a changed bear for your experiences in the famed Redsands Desert!

And finally…

For taking part in the event you showed courage and grit. You will be awarded the commendation for participating in this years Hike2Omi.

Congratulations soldier!

And a huge thank you for being part of Hiwez Squadron!

Radiant Moon Event

I would love to hear your impression of your exploits out in Redsands. If you’re not too exhausted then please drop a comment in the post back at Squadron to tempt others into the journey!

See you back at base. HIWEZ out.

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