TTHQ will have you believe the Hunters are made of deserters, criminals and untrustworthy opportunists. But those choosing to survive and thrive in the harsh deserts of Redsands or the endless plains of the Dust Flats are among the most capable bears around. Loyal to their chosen families and living off a land famous for swallowing most bears’ hope for survival.

East Tedland Lodges

To be a Hunter is to be on the move almost all of the time. For opportunity and for survival. Although Hunter Families do have homes it’s rare to find a whole Family there, if any, most of time. It’s more of a safe pit stop, a place to recoup and restock. A Hunters Lodge. The size of the Lodge is indicative of the size and influence of the Family who reside there.
Lodges are dotted all over the Tedlands with their main feature being that they are obscure and difficult to find. And for that reason the vast majority of Lodges are located in the inhospitable regions of the East Tedlands.
While some Lodges are the cramped and pokey Bile Huts in Redsands, and others may be grand and ornate ruins of ancestral bears, mostly reclaimed by the storms of the Dust Flats, one thing is certain; set a paw in their dwelling without an invitation and that Family will find you and promptly unstuff you.
These bears take a great pride in their Lodges and will suffer no Goldie Locks.

– Notable Bears –

Materna Garrotte

Mama bear to the Redex Family.
Garrotte was head technician of the flight department. She developed plans for the first sustained flight bomber before being wrongly detained for allegedly planning to desert TTHQ with the schematics for the bomber. Outraged by TTHQ’s failure to see she had been framed by a fame-chasing rival within her department, Garrotte chose to fulfil the accusations. With nothing but her grit, stealth and a length of barbed wire she escaped the deepest holding cells of the Capital with the plans in paw.

Paterna Nix

Papa bear to the Numb-Bears Family.
Mistreated, damaged and neglected. The Numb-Bears fix the hearts and bodies of those who have simply had enough of caring for a charge who does not care about them.
Nix has a knack for robotics, providing augmented parts for broken bears and upgrades for those who are still whole. From Rocket Arms for the burly damage dealers to Live-feed bionic eyes for the Sneaky Recce bears, the Numb-Bears are more machine than teddy thanks to their tinkering Paterna.

Materna BonBon

Mama bear to the White Eyes Family.
A group of Teddies who believe their destiny is to ascend to Forgotten.
Regularly attending to shrines to the Forgotten and delivering newborn Forgotten from her fold to the steps of the Cathedral of Lint, BonBon is as fearless as she is wise. She takes a patient pride in hunting her favourite prey, the Tedguard. Collecting their scarves so that she brings a tapestry of secrets to the Nightmare when her time comes.

Materna Candalia

Mama Bear to the Moximoths Family.
The word in the family is if you want a sortie to remember you take one of Candlia’s mapped drop points. Candalia resides in a large cliffside cave Lodge in Redsands, home to a huge thermal updraft that gives their mothpacks such a lift they can glide for miles and drop on unsuspecting prey. Candalia’s finger is so much on the pulse of TTHQs patrol and convoy movement that Caedes has to put extra protection on night convoys of particular importance.

– Faction Elements –

Vehicles and Technology

The Hunters have no love for uniformity or mass production. Rides are so unique that they become part of the family. Irreplaceable personalities that are cared for in life and honoured in death. Ride cremation ceremonies are held regularly, a grey sign of just how reliable these cobbled together these buggies, tanks and mechs are.
But even though every ride could be the last, Hunters take pride in what they build, pushing mech and tech to it’s limits.

Success is room for improvement. Failure is glory.


Unlike their Rides, a Hunter’s gear is a little more dependable. Mostly modded chassis over TTHQ hardware, customised to feature crude bayonets, ornamental decor and custom paint jobs. ForgeSmithies at The Workshop in the Dust Flats can tinker with internal modifications such as alternative firing modes, multiple mag feeds and other surprises.
For the most part, Hunters modify and upkeep the gear they arrived with until they can afford the scraps to buy new hardware.

Currency: Scraps

Scraps. Shaped coins made from coveted high quality metals represents the beating heart of trade between Hunter factions.
Hunters can make, earn and spend these Scraps through the services of a ForgeSmith at The Workshop, a huge thriving market place in the Eastern Dust Flats of the Tedlands, or just in passing trades on the roads.
Gather enough Scraps of one material and it could be time to return to a ForgeSmith to create some reliable and effective equipment.
One of the most sought after materials is Ursium, a high yield material prospected by the Tedguard and used to make their blades.

Hunters Moot

Every year a when the Hunters Moon appears, Hunters hold a gathering, the location of which is only known by the leaders of the Families. Oftentimes it is held at a Fort of one of the Families. Hunters from all corners of the Tedlands travel, set up a perimeter, tents and games and proceed to have a night and day of festivities.
The rule of Hunters Moot is one of camaraderie and solidarity. No fluff may be spilt over rivalries within the Hunter faction for this event or the day after. 
The merriment only stops for a moment at the stitching hour (just after midnight) to honour their fallen or forgotten brothers and sisters. Toasts are made, effigies are burned in memory and a somber tone is held until a single firework is loosed, and celebrations erupt once more.

Moximoths Family

Materna Candalia’s sleuth, famed for being the most daring batch of renegades in the East.
They hold the Hunters Moot record for closest outpost raid to the Capital and their methods are considered unorthodox even for Hunters.
They also boast the most reliable battle shells in the Dust Flats and they’re all for sale with full customisations available to give a bear a memorable presence whether it’s in The Workshops Arena or a daring heist.

White Eyes

Materna BonBon’s brood. Described by fellow Hunters as unhinged, fanatical fatalists and they are avoided by other Hunters both at the annual Moot and in feudal sport.
The White Eyes belief is that all things are eventually Forgotten and to hear the whisper of the Forgotten hive-mind is a destiny to be embraced willingly and with gratitude. They ritualistically deliver their siblings to the Cathedral of Lint when one turns and in reverence to The Nightmare they speak only in whispers.

– Notable Locales –

The Workshop

A huge accumulation of structures created by Hunter Families, a safe place to buy, sell and trade as well as gamble, hire services, take contracts or just relax and have a good time.
Located out in the barren dust-flats of Eastern Tedlands, The Workshop is a no-go zone for most other factions as without a guide or understanding of the Dust Flats the journey would be suicide. If the Hunters don’t pick you off on route then the ravenous LintEaters or the burying dust storms will see your journey to a swift end.


In the Eastern Tedlands there is a region known as Redsands. An unwelcoming rocky desert, littered with charred bones and crimson ash. The stench of phosphorus so heavy in the air that it stings the eyes burns the nostrils.

This is home sweet home for many of the smaller Hunter Families.

Dome-like rock formations that blister the region are in fact the petrified, bloated hides of ancient and decayed burrowing creatures now claimed by ash and rock. Their carcasses form complex underground cavities, perfect living quarters for Hunters seeking shelter from the parching heat of the surface.

Chase a Hunter into Redsands and if you don’t get lost amid the deep, rocky trenches of the surface then you’ll get lost in the maze of the underground. Either way the message from the Hunters is: Get Lost.

– Read Hunter Tales –

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