It’s known by most as Big Sky. Crows Rest has the most open horizon you’ll see before hitting the coastline and for all it’s dangers it is a beautiful place. Rolling hills divided by streams and hedgerows, the odd tree or low ancient wall breaking up the soft horizon line. For most of the year it is a peaceful place to cross straight out from the Capital and setting you on the path to places like Rainbow Mountain, Icemantle and other far more treacherous regions.


Hey Boxfresh! Make yourself at home, I’m Watch-bear Orion.
Whenever you’re ready you can head down for a patrol.

If you need to rest or fix your gear you can always head back here.

Rest or Repair as many time as you need before heading back out.

REST to regain 1FP – Time Cost: 1 Hour
REPAIR 1 Broken Item  – Time Cost: 1 Hour
Visit the Camps Tuck Shop – Time Cost: Free

Grab whatever you need from the store so long as you’ve got the TedCreds.
Make a note in your inventory of anything you buy, erase it or strike it through when used.

stun grenade
cost: 10 tedcreds

Use during combat: Negate all opponent results in a combat roll.

smoke grenade
cost: 10 tedcreds

Use during combat: Negate all combat roll results. You may also successfully flee combat.

cluster bomb
cost: 10 tedcreds

Use during combat: Resolve the current combat roll then (before making the next combat roll) roll three dice that successful hit on 5 or higher, ignoring the opponents combat grid.

cost: 10 tedcreds

Use when making a saving throw: Roll 3 die instead of one and choose a result from them.

fixit tape
cost: 15 tedcreds

Add 2 Repair Kits.

Ration pack
cost: 15 tedcreds

Add 2 First Aid Kits.

hot tip
cost: 20 tedcreds

Use instead of rolling a patrol: You can choose the result you would prefer based on the time of day you use it.

training manual
cost: 60 tedcreds

Add 1 die to your standard dice pool.

cost: 30 tedcreds

Sharpest Shot.
At the start of an encounter, before making the first combat roll, you may choose to bench one die and instantly use another die as a hit to your opponent.

cost: 30 tedcreds

For every successful hit on your opponent during a combat roll you can reroll one of the other dice from that same roll.


If you are feeling like a change of scenery and you still have the time to spare why not visit one of the other destinations for new enemies and events!

We have a Hunchback MK3 Buggy deliver supplies regularly, I’m sure they’ll let you hop on the back!

time cost: 1 hour

The darkness beyond the treeline is made of more than just shadows.

time cost: 2 hours
redspine rows

Time to rock and roll. Watch out for falling rocks and rolling creatures!

time cost: 1 hour

TTHQ tried to make the way to the desert impassable. It became a labyrinth of horrors.

TIME COST: 1 hour
The capital

If you are out of time you can travel back to the Capital for free to end the Patrols.

Foraging and tracking

The Tedland wilds may be a treacherous place, but it is also willing to aid your journey if you know what to look for.
Whether it’s naturally occurring wadding to heal your injuries, or a track in the dirt or bent foliage that might lead you to exactly what you’re looking for.


– Foraging –

-Time cost: 1 hour –
Roll 3 D10.

If you roll two matching numbers then you discover the relevant wadding below.
Add it to your inventory or eat it straight away.

1, 2 or 3
grain sprouts

Heals 1FP

4, 5 or 6
bullrush heads

Heals 2FP

7, 8 or 9
Cotton flower

Heals 3FP

silk worm

Heals 5FP


– Tracking –

-Time cost: 2 hours –
Roll 3 D10.

If you roll two matching numbers then you discover the clue below.
You can go straight to the patrol or encounter results without paying the patrol or additional time costs.

1 - 5
encounter tracks

Choose your target in the encounters section and begin combat.

6 - 9
instant markings

Choose your instant in the patrols section and play it out.

clear indications

You may choose any patrol result or encounter.

If it is an encounter then you start with 1 successful hit on your opponent before making your first Combat Roll.


– TIME Cost: 1 hour –

1. Head out on patrol by first checking the time of day on your “time spent” section. If the next available segment has no moon then you are about to go on a Day Patrol. If there is a moon then you are about to go on a Night Patrol.
2. Spend the 1 hour patrol cost and roll 1 D10.
3. Check the result to see what you found and follow its instruction, spending the additional time cost if there is one.
(If you spent your last time slot on the patrol cost you may ignore the additional time cost in the result, enjoy!)
4. Once the scenario has finished you may return here to patrol again or head to the camp for repairs so long as you have the time to spend.



(Additional Time Cost: 1 Hour)

It starts as a low rumble in your ears, though twisting a stubby finger into it doesn’t seem to clear out the noise. It grows louder until, squinting into the darkness of the surrounding fields, you see a migration of Boarfrog thundering towards you. You are out of time to move and they are not showing signs of diverting. You ready your weapon!

Face off against the Boarfrog Stampede in the Encounters section.



The region by torchlight is unrecognisable. Old familiar paths seem to criss cross and change. You spot a ruin with a dim light on the near horizon and try a shortcut to investigate but as you step over the low crumbling wall you are met by Watch-bear Orions bemused smile.
“Going well is it Boxfresh?”

You sigh, frustrated, as you realise you’ve just lost an hour going in circles.


(Additional Time Cost: 1 Hour)

Down at a river crossing you begin to hear something through the winds and the babbling water. Something rustling fast through the tall grass. Heavy yet spry. You know exactly what is coming as you take a defensive stance and raise your weapon. The Silver Swarm launch out of the reeds like hungry lions!

Face off against the Silver Swarm in the Encounters section.



You wonder into a small patch of intriguing looking flowers. On closer inspection they look like porcelain eyes arranged like berries on a short, branch-like stem, and most uncomfortably they appear to follow your gaze and begin to weep a thick red fluid,
As you turn to leave you knock one of the plants and it instantly puffs out a thick cloudy spray of red noxious gas.

Roll 3 D10.

You plug your nose and squeeze your eyes closed, backing out of the patch.
You escape the patch of flowers and return to the Encampment.

You breath in some of the red mist and immediately suffer searing pain as the spores begin to dissolve your fluff from inside.
Take 2FP damage and re-roll all the die.


(Additional Time Cost: 1 Hour)

Crossing through a clearing of tall grass you hear some commotion nearby. A ruffling and click clacking, pecking sound. You scan the large clearing and spot two large shapes shoving and butting at one another as if fighting over something on ground between them. It takes a moment to make out what it is as you edge closer when finally one of them flusters two great black wings in a show of intimidation to the other. Crows! You take a step back straight onto some dry bracken.
Such a cliché that a twig would give you away and yet here you are. Both the crows heads snap around to spy your position and they take off at once, circling you ready to strike.

Face off against the Giant Crows in the Encounters section.



You spot a small blue floating light disappear around a hillside. By the time you reach the corner you spot it entering a small cave. As you rush to catch up to it you lose your balance at the caves loose rocky entrance and fall into a pit of branch, bone and rock.
The floating light appears to chuckle cheerily before extinguishing. Leaving you to tend to your wounds.

Take 2FP damage.



Something took a considerable chunk out of a bear strewn in some long grass. Only legs and arms remain which suggests it was a strike from above. The bite is too rounded and clean for a crow though. Looks like the DragonMoth is at large.
On the belt kit you spy one repair kit and one smoke grenade. It’s of no use to them any more.

Gain 1 Repair Kit.
Add 1 Smoke Grenade to your Grenade Belt.
You spot that the fallen ted is a Frontier Class, if you are also a Frontier Class you also gain a Staniss Hotshot Sidearm (You knew where to look).



You follow a small floating light into a dark cave, a few blind corners and you lose sight of the light, but it seems you have stumbled on some kind of treasure horde.

Roll 2 Loot!


(Additional Time Cost: 1 Hour)

The patrol seems to be going nowhere, but then you realise it appears things just got quieter. Eerily quiet. Like all the chirruping bugs and small nocturnal birds just evacuated the area. Then you see it, in a dark rocky patch on a nearby hillside a few ghostly orbs smoulder silently, staring at you. The silence is broken suddenly with an ear splitting screech as the eyes dance apart from each other and swoop across the shadowy grassland as they make their speedy approach to flank you.

Face off against the Forgotten Shriekers in the Encounters section.



If you have been here before gain one Invigorated  and roll a new Patrol.

You crest a treelined hill that overlooks a quiet dell, a peaceful lake lies at the centre, sunlight decorating surface with glittering diamonds of light. You hear birds chattering softly in the trees overhead and the lake laps against the rocky edges.

A small jetty lies nearby and on it you are surprised to spot a brown bear sat silently at the very edge. After a few seconds you realise you likely didn’t spot them because they are not moving at all.

A sigh of sadness ejects itself from your mouth without your intention, as you comprehend this spot was chosen specifically by them, and you can see why.

You tread respectfully softly down the wooden boardwalk and beside the slumped bear you see a sword and an ashen pile of fabric smoulders in a mess tin.

On the sword-face, near the hilt you see a name etched into the blade.

You feel compelled to bury the Tedguard bear out of respect.

Choose one of the reactions below.
(Without checking through them)

You feel humbled by the act.
Gain one Invigorated 

After you have smoothed the dirt over the burial place you take a moment to scatter the ashes in the mess tin across the lake and hold a minutes silence. You contemplate how fragile your connection with your human charge is, and that their life is governed by things beyond how much they are loved.

You hope the bear is at peace with Camilla and leave the dell to its soft choir of lapping water and tweeting birds.

Only a mad bear turns down Ursium steel.
Gain the Tedguard Sword: Camilla.
Equip it as a primary weapon or add it to your Inventory.

Camilla’s Bonus: Successful Hits against Forgotten opponents are classed as two damage each.



Instant / Encounter.

In the darkness you start to feel the path become marshy beneath your boots, you momentarily flash a small torch to get a better look at your surroundings and you discover you have wandered into the middle of herd of Boarfrog, sleeping soundly in the cool mud.
These creatures are notoriously territorial. You’ll have to tread very carefully.

Make a Saving Throw.
8 to 10 = Return to camp safely.
You make it out of the herd without disturbing them.

1 to 7 = Face off against Boarfrog Stamede in the Encounters Section.
(Additional time cost: 1 hour)
A loud rustling here, a snapped twig there and before you know it the herd is stirring. The disgruntled crowd locates you quickly and become hostile!

You methodically tread through the swamp without making a sound and you even find bullrushes along the way. Add them to your Inventory (Bullrushes Heals 2FP when consumed).

You get clear of the herd and continue on your patrol.



As you march into one of the deeper valleys of Crowsrest and low cloud cover sets in you lose sight of the path ahead and the stars above. but your confidence gives you faithful bearings. Some time passes before you begin to question if you’re on the right path.
You crest the valleys hill to discover you are deep into a sprawling meadow, lights of the local encampments twinkle in the distance.
It takes you some time to get back onto the patrol paths.

Roll 1 D10.

You lose another hour.
Return to the Encampment.

You lose two hours.
Return to the Encampment.


(Additional Time Cost: 1 Hour)

The base of one of the hillside paths is particularly dark. The sound of tumbling stones nearby warrants a quick flashlight check and you just catch sight of a Silvers tail vanishing behind a large rock boulder. You raise your weapon to get a clear shot if it shows itself but as you do you hear an alarming scrambling sound racing up on your side.
Another Silver dives onto you before you have a chance to swing your weapon.

Bank one die for the Encounter.
Face off against the Silver Swarm in the Encounters section.


(Additional Time Cost: 1 Hour)

The night air is cool and the skies are clear, the path ahead seems quiet so all signs are pointing to a relaxed stroll instead of a patrol, until you hear a telltale sound.
A distant but sharp CAW breaks the sound of the breeze and you snap into position, scanning the stars for any dark shapes. You spot one in the distant sky, flying fast and banking towards you, another swoops directly overhead and lands behind you with another shrill CAWW!

Face off against the Giant Crows in the Encounters section.



You wander from the path to investigate a strange noise beyond the bank of the path. The fields beyond are so dark it feels like you’re straying into an inky black bog, soon enough you discover that couldn’t have been closer to the truth!
Your boots are stuck fast in a thick black bog and you can feel something curling slowly around your ankle.You heave and pull but both the grip and the suction of the bog seems to increase.
You recall that relaxing is the best way to escape, as counter intuitive as it feels, you try it.

Make a Saving Throw.
Roll 1 D10.

Lose the resulting number in time.
(e.g. If you roll two 5’s then lose 5 hours)
It takes strength and determination to pull yourself from the bog but you make it out at last.

You wrestle free of bog.
Fortunately you discover the situation early and pull yourself free with ease.


(Additional Time Cost: 1 Hour)

Passing an old Encampment you decide to take five. Sitting down on a crumbled down wall and take in the scenery. The sharp moon sits against a star speckled blanket of deep blue and for a moment you feel suitably small against the vastness of whatever lies beyond the skies and shores of the Tedlands.
The horizon cuts the ocean of stars off sharply, creating its heavy shadow that makes it difficult to see what details are close by or far away and something strikes you as strange. There are two stars sitting below the horizon line. Then two more flicker on. It doesn’t take long for you to be upright again, weapon ready as the stars begin to move towards you, zigging and zagging through the fields. It’s hard to get an accurate shot on them and before you know it they are upon you!

Make a Saving Throw.
Roll 1 D10.

The Shriekers claws meet your fur with a mad ferocity.
Take the resulting number as Permanent Damage (Mark an X in the Fluff Points Box)

Face off against the Shriekers in the Encounter Section.

You managed to dodge the first incoming swipe!

Face off against the Shriekers in the Encounter Section.


Instant / Encounter

Against a tree you spy a bear sat against the trunk, slumped in a telltale lifeless position. You flash a torch against the figure and to your sad yet unsurprised realisation you see that you have found a fallen ted.
You take a knee and examine him. Panda type, chunky, nothing but a pistol, a single casing lies in the dirt nearby. Did he shoot and miss? A fly buzzes nearby breaking your concentration, you shoo it away and feel a heavy heart for what may have occurred here.

You look nearby for any more clues.

Gain 20 TedCreds
Add a Staniss P12 Pistol to your inventory.

Make a Tracking Throw.
Roll 4 Dice.

Roll the dice and check for pairs of numbers.

You discover a nearby egg sack, already swarming with hatched Griefly.

Face off against the Burst Egg Sack in the Encounters section with 1 Successful Hit made before the first Combat Roll

This Encounter does not cost any additional time.

You discover a nearby egg sack, already swarming with hatched Griefly.

Face off against the Burst Egg Sack in the Encounter section with 2 Successful Hits made before the first Combat Roll.

This Encounter does not cost any additional time.

No visible signs point to this being an attack, it’s as if this poor Ted gave into their demons.


Instant / Encounter.

Somewhere in the centre of the Crowsrest region lies a large lake called Wyrms Well, on account of there being a giant sinkhole at the centre of the lake big enough for a dragon. Fireside stories tell of a battle between a giant wyrm and the Ennead, supposedly there are Ennead relics at the bottom of the well but no-ted knows how deep it goes.
You are treading along the shoreline of the Wyrms Well when you spy a little green flame flickering just ahead of you. You tug your ear and blink hard after you swear you hear it call to you. It flickers playfully and starts to move towards a cave across the water from you. You instinctively begin to make your way around the lake towards the flame in pursuit of what it might have to show you.


Make a Saving Throw.
Roll 1 D10.

You cannot resist the urge to follow the floating light into the dark cave. As you enter, the light burns brightly, awakening a shadow in the darkness. It’s already too late by the time you realise what you are up against.
Instantly lose 1 Fluff Point from fright!
(Additional Time Cost: 1 hour)
Face off against the Blackhawk DragonMoth in the Special Encounters Section.

You shake off the urge to follow subserviently. But the curiosity remains.
Return to the Encampment or follow the light.
If you follow the light:
(Additional Time Cost: 1 hour)
Face off against the Blackhawk DragonMoth in the Special Encounters Section.



In an attempt to take a shortcut between two patrol routes your boot catches on some scrim net near a tree stump and you hit the ground hard!
Once you’ve picked yourself up and untangled your boot from the skrim you see you have happened upon a hidden cache of items!

Take 1FP damage.
Find 1 loot.
Find 2 grenades of your choice and make a note of them on your Grenade Belt.
(if you have no space on your belt then you do not find grenades)


(Additional Time Cost: 2 Hours)

A deafening pressure in the air rushes over you, almost pushing you to your knees. By the time you look up, there’s nothing to be seen, twinkling stars and a few whispers of clouds. Then you feel it again, pressure in the air swooping towards you. As you look up you see a vacuous space in the sky. Growing as though the stars are burning out. You break into a sprint and roll for cover under a nearby tree to witness a terrifying sight. A BlackHawk DragonMoth thuds into the grassland so close to you. Ragged wings settling and billowing like a gigantic black war banner.

You know it can smell you. For all the shadowy void that it is you can still feel its eyes fixed on your location. Little bear, hiding under a tree from an unavoidable winged death. You muster your courage and step out into the field to face the DragonMoth.

Face off against the BlackHawk DragonMoth in the encounters section.


You’ve arrived here through Patrol results or through successfully Tracking.
Grab all the D10s from your dice pool and get ready for combat!

If things get tough remember you can Flee an Encounter after any Combat Roll.
To Flee, Roll 1 D10:
1-3 = Bad exit. Take the roll result as damage.
4-10 = Swift exit. You escape with ease.
Either way, return to the Region Encampment.


territorial wildlife



Suddenly it seems Boarfrogs are all around you! Disorientated by the shaking ground you are at the mercy of the stampeed. Take 2FP damage.

1 looT roll

Silver swarm
Lint Eaters


Crunchy Cadavers!

The Silvers gobble up any dead creatures they can spy, including their own. They heal for 1HP and the damage dice is benched.

1 looT

Giant Crows
territorial wildlife


Opportunity strikes.
If Giant Crows have rolled any Counter Attack  results during this combat roll they deal 1 extra FP damage each.

2 looT

Forgotten Shriekers



More Shriekers show up, negating any Successful Hits you made this combat round. Keep shooting Soldier!

Tainted Claws:
Any damage from Forgotten is taken as Permanent Damage. Place an [X] in the fluff points box to show this. This cannot be healed by Med Kits or resting at camp. Only by returning home.



Blackhawk DragonMoth

The DragonMoths shadowy shape seems to bow, in your heart you feel like this is a gesture of some respect, facing your opponent like a hero. But in your head you can already tell it’s simply sizing you up and preparing to rush you as its wings unfurl behind it.

Special Encounter Effect: You cannot Flee from the BlackHawk DragonMoth unless you have a smoke grenade or ability that allows it.




Terrifying Maw!

You are frozen in place as this massive shadow-like shape opens its gaping jaws to reveal something darker than itself. A cavernous mouth glistening with barbed teeth. It drops onto you with a screech like shattering glass.

Make a saving throw to avoid being chomped! If you roll a 1 to 7 you fail the saving throw, you are badly shredded. Take 4FP damage and a weapon of your choice is broken.

2 looT
1 dragonmoth silk gland

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