You step through the Dreamgate into a dark room. The smell is fragrant and homely, the air is warm and the distant sounds are familiar. It feels good to be back home, you are already looking forward to spending time with your Charge.

upon arriving home you remind yourself of two things.

Time at home costs TedCreds, but also does you the world of good.

peform the following:

Fully refresh your Time Spent Bar.
Heal all Standard Wounds.
Heal 1 Permanent Wound.
Pay 10TC TedTax.

You must spend at least one day at home to refresh time and heal.

What is tedtax?

Heading Home instantly incurs 10TC TedTax for storing your gear and filling your open missions.

This is a courtesy tax, if you run out of TedCreds during your trip home you do not accrue debt.

Roll for Home Scenario


Roll 1 D10
Check the result to discover the scenario that will effect your trip home. 



Your Charge isn’t home. Maybe they’re on holiday?

You cannot gain INVIGORATED  or CHERISHED or BONDED or heal permanent wounds during this trip home.

Lose 10 TedCreds, Heal all standard wounds, Refresh your time bar and return to the Tedlands immediately.



Your Charge is rushed off their feet with busy days!

Every day spent at home requires 2 event rolls.



An unremarkable trip home.

Roll events and gain bonuses as usual. Have a nice trip home.



Things just seem to be going right today.

+1 to any event roll results.



Just kicking back and spending time together indoors.

Spend as many days as you need. You do not roll events at all for this entire trip home.

How much time to spend at home
How Long should you stay at home?

You can stay as long as you would like to, however there are thresholds that will affect you for better or worse.

Every day:

Heal 1 permanent wound per day.

If you spend 5 days

You gain one Invigorated
You forget your training. Lose your Trait.

If you spent 10 days

You gain Cherished  
Pay another 10 TedTax

Roll for Events during your stay

Once you have decided how many days you would like to spent at home (or maybe you just want to see how things go and spend each day as it comes), you must roll an event for every day you spend here (unless the scenario you rolled on arrival specifies otherwise).

Roll 1 D10 and check the result. Then roll the next.

Repeat until you’re ready to return to TTHQ.

Attacked by a house pet!

(If you are already missing an arm then result 2 happens instead.)
You are mauled by a house pet and lose an arm! You can no longer use your Primary weapon.
Write an M in the Broken box.
Write an M in 3 of your Fluff Point boxes.
(This is not considered a Permanent Wound)

You lose your primary weapon bonus and the 2 dice as though it were broken.
You will not retrieve the fluff points until your arm is mended at home.

Left at a friends house

You are left at another house and are not retrieved for several days.
Roll 1 D10 to find out how many days.

You do not heal permanent wounds or mark time towards bonuses such as Cherished or Invigorated during this time.

Accidents happen...

Something unexpected happens and you are launched with some force into a wall. The impact definitely knocks some sense out of you!

Lose your equipped trait.
If you do not have a trait then lose all invigorated and bonded memories.

a holiday without you

You end up helplessly locked in a toy box for three days!

You do not heal permanent wounds or mark time towards bonuses such as Cherished or Invigorated during this time.

A holiday with you!

You are both away from home for five days!
Your time together has made some wonderful memories.

Gain 1 Bonded and 1 Invigorated .

wash day

It takes you 2 days out on the line to fully dry but you smell great!

Gain 1 Invigorated !


All the focus is on you today.
If you have any Permanent Wounds, they are all healed today and if you have a missing arm it is restored.

Gain 1 Bonded .

Film Night!

You are both cuddled up on the sofa today watching awesome action films!

Gain 3 Invigorated .

A lasting Memory

You spend some quality time with your charge today which warms your fluffy little heart.

Gain 3 Bonded .

The perfect day

There are no words…

Heal all Permanent Wounds.
Gain 3 Invigorated .
Gain 2 Bonded .
Gain Cherished .


It’s tough leaving home, leaving your Charge again. But you know that once you’ve pulled on your pack and loaded up your weapons you’ll be out where you belong, making a difference in the Tedlands!

Step through the Dreamgate and get back out there!

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