Primarily occupied by TTHQ patrols throughout the year this region sees regular threats blow in from the neighbouring region of Redsands, Firebrax and MothDrakes hunt close to the huge TTHQ dig site and Snatching Vines grow and creep beneath the rocky surfaces, looking for an unsuspecting leg to snag.

All across the outskirts of Redspine Rows you may find the unfortunate tales of how some bears’ good luck ran out. Take heed and mind you don’t become one of those cautionary patrols yourself. Ears up Teddy.


Sling your pack Ted, I’m Watch-bear Jasper.
Don’t take too long heading down for a patrol. You’re needed out there.

If you need to rest or fix your gear you can always head back here.

Rest or Repair as many time as you need before heading back out.

REST to regain 1FP – Time Cost: 1 Hour
REPAIR 1 Broken Item  – Time Cost: 1 Hour
Visit the Camps Tuck Shop – Time Cost: Free

Grab whatever you need from the store so long as you’ve got the TedCreds.
Make a note in your inventory of anything you buy, erase it or strike it through when used.

stun grenade
cost: 10 tedcreds

Use during combat: Negate all opponent results in a combat roll.

smoke grenade
cost: 10 tedcreds

Use during combat: Negate all combat roll results. You may also successfully flee combat.

cluster bomb
cost: 10 tedcreds

Use during combat: Resolve the current combat roll then (before making the next combat roll) roll three dice that successful hit on 5 or higher, ignoring the opponents combat grid.

cost: 10 tedcreds

Use when making a saving throw: Roll 3 die instead of one and choose a result from them.

fixit tape
cost: 15 tedcreds

Add 2 Repair Kits.

Ration pack
cost: 15 tedcreds

Add 2 First Aid Kits.

hot tip
cost: 20 tedcreds

Use instead of rolling a patrol: You can choose the result you would prefer based on the time of day you use it.

training manual
cost: 60 tedcreds

Add 1 die to your standard dice pool.

cost: 10 tedcreds

Suppressive Fire.
For every successful hit during combat rolls, roll one bonus die. Regardless of the result this die stays in your dice pool for the rest of the encounter to a maximum of 8 dice total.

cost: 5 tedcreds

Close and Personal.
During a combat roll, if you roll two results against a shield icon on your opponents combat grid then one of the dice becomes a successful hit.


If you are feeling like a change of scenery and you still have the time to spare why not visit one of the other destinations for new enemies and events!

We have a Hunchback MK3 Buggy deliver supplies regularly, I’m sure they’ll let you hop on the back!

time cost: 1 hour

The darkness beyond the treeline is made of more than just shadows.

time cost: 2 hours
crows rest

Rolling Hills and open skies sounds quite relaxing until you realise there’s nowhere to hide.

time cost: 1 hour

TTHQ tried to make the way to the desert impassable. It became a labyrinth of horrors.

TIME COST: 1 hour
The Capital

If you are out of time you can travel back to the Capital for free to end the Patrols.

Foraging and tracking

The Tedland wilds may be a treacherous place, but it is also willing to aid your journey if you know what to look for.
Whether it’s naturally occurring wadding to heal your injuries, or a track in the dirt or bent foliage that might lead you to exactly what you’re looking for.


– Foraging –

-Time cost: 1 hour –
Roll 3 D10.

If you roll two matching numbers then you discover the relevant wadding below.
Add it to your inventory or eat it straight away.

1, 2 or 3
grain sprouts

Heals 1FP

4, 5 or 6
bullrush heads

Heals 2FP

7, 8 or 9
Cotton flower

Heals 3FP

silk worm

Heals 5FP


– Tracking –

-Time cost: 2 hours –
Roll 3 D10.

If you roll two matching numbers then you discover the clue below.
You can go straight to the patrol or encounter results without paying the patrol or additional time costs.

1 - 5
encounter tracks

Choose your target in the encounters section and begin combat.

6 - 9
instant markings

Choose your instant in the patrols section and play it out.

clear indications

You may choose any patrol result or encounter.

If it is an encounter then you start with 1 successful hit on your opponent before making your first Combat Roll.


– TIME Cost: 1 hour –

1. Head out on patrol by first checking the time of day on your “time spent” section. If the next available segment has no moon then you are about to go on a Day Patrol. If there is a moon then you are about to go on a Night Patrol.
2. Spend the 1 hour patrol cost and roll 1 D10.
3. Check the result to see what you found and follow its instruction, spending the additional time cost if there is one.
(If you spent your last time slot on the patrol cost you may ignore the additional time cost in the result, enjoy!)
4. Once the scenario has finished you may return here to patrol again or head to the camp for repairs so long as you have the time to spend.



(Additional Time Cost: 1 Hour)

As you march cautiously down a narrow and crude rock stair way you hear the sound of scattered stones peppering the floor around you. You raise your weapon and quickly scan your surroundings, glancing upward just in time to see two bulky Firebrats skittering down the rock face towards you at an alarming speed! 

Face off against the Firebrax in the Encounters section.



Whilst patrolling a long illumated road you spot clear signs of an incident, rubber marks swerve and careen off the roadside leaving smashed rock and bits of vehicle in its wake. You peer down the craggy drop to see a smashed up Hunchback buggy, no sign of the passengers bar a few scraps of cloth and a boot still sat in the well of the drivers seat.

You investigate the buggy further and find a few useful items.

Make a Saving Throw.
Roll 1 D10.

You find:

First Aid Kit

Note one First Aid Kit on your character sheet.

repair kit

Note one Repair Kit on your character sheet.

greande belt (FL)

Use when making a saving throw: Roll 3 die instead of one and choose a result from them.

Loot roll

Roll 3 D10 and note down the resulting numbers in your Loot Box.

You find:

Secondary Weapon

Double Whammy
Draw 3 boxes in the Secondary Weapon box. Whenever you roll a Successful Hit you may strike one of the boxes to convert another die to a Successful Hit .
Boxes can be refreshed with Repaire Kits only.

Smoke grenade
grenade belt (SM)

Use during combat: Negate all combat roll results. You may also successfully flee combat.

Cluster Bomb
Grenade belt (CB)

Use during combat: Resolve the current combat roll then (before making the next combat roll) roll three dice that successful hit on 5 or higher, ignoring the opponents combat grid.

20 tedcreds



Wandering along the patrol path that runs full circle around Razorhammer, the towering dig site at the centre of Respsine Rows, you stop for a drink and listen to the deep rumble of the drill working tirelessly, deep beneath the surface.
A quick gear check and you’re ready to roll, but as you try to march off you realise your leg is stuck to the floor. Looking down to see that vines had grown quietly around your boot, leg and even threaded itself into some of your gear!
You whip your knife from it’s sheath at the same speed it snatches you from your standing position and begins dragging you away into the darkness at a speed that makes you feel like you were tied onto a buggy!

Make a saving throw.

Roll 1 D10.

You have to cut through some og your gear to get free of it’s grasp.

Lose your Load-Bearing Gear.

You manage to get a blade underneath some of the tightly wrapped vines. You cut yourself free and get away safely.



A narrow canyon passage opens out into a decommissioned dig site. High rock faces all around it make it feel like some kind of arena. Old tools lie rusting against partially cracked rocks. Carts full of coal and dilapidated rails run like veins across the cold open space. You are stood admiring the sense of history in the air when you are snapped out of your thoughts by a seemingly polite cough to garner your attention.

Leaning against a splintered wooden framework of a tunnel opening, a raggedy clothed Bear flicks the rim of his cowboy hat and silently shoots a finger gun at you, grinning broadly, eyes unblinking through a pale painted face. A few other Bears emerge from different points around the dig site and begin unholstering their weapons, closing in on you without a word.

Make a saving throw.

Roll 1 D10.

You are overwhelmed, the firefight is short lived and though they spare your life they don’t leave you with much.
Lose both your weapons and all your Loot.

They may have the numbers but you’ve got the strategy. You manage to spook them with aggressive manoeuvres to a point that they wonder if you’re even alone. They flee the clearing and you check what they left behind.

Gain 4 Loot.



You pick up a trail that leads across a densely rocky plain, disturbances in the hardy plants, scratches across rocks and tattered remnants of cloth play the part of breadcrumbs that lead straight into a dark cave way out from any roads or paw-paths. You crack a few glow sticks and toss them in. Everything in the cave is still and you enter cautiously, checking the many dark crevices along the walls and ceiling. It’s clear.
In a deepest part of the cave you witness a shocking sight, a large mulched wad of damp stuffing piled into a corner while tattered gear, broken weapons and torn packs create a low wall around it. The smell overwhelms you momentarily and you know the wisest thing to do is leave immediately. This is a Mothdrake nest.
A few items catch your eye and you grab them before you leave swiftly.

Roll 2 Loot!
Gain 1 First Aid Kit.


(Additional Time Cost: 1 Hour)

What seems like a quiet patrol takes a sudden turn as you are snatching from the well-lit path and dropped from a short height into the dark rocky plains some distance away. The sounds of heavy wings rapidly beat the air around you as you quickly snap a paw-ful of glow sticks and scatter them to light your surroundings. A burly Mothdrake settles nearby the lights, gigantic eyes scrutinise the soft glow before zeroing its gaze on you. An other-worldly hiss gargles from somewhere in its body as it lurches towards you.

Face off against the Mothdrake in the Encounters section.



A well worn looking bridge lies ahead of you. Missing slats and some tired looking fixtures join the two anchor points either side of a steep gully but it still looks ok for one bear travelling on paw.
You are half way across when you hear the sharp reverberating snap of a wire, then another, and another. The bridge tilts sharply and you brace against the paw-rail as the dark drop below appears to rush upwards to meet you.

Make a saving throw.

Roll 1 D10.

You just about manage to catch yourself on the boards, climbing up the other side to safety.

Lose 1FP.

It all happens so fast! You land into the rocky gully below with a hard thud.

Roll 1 D10 and take that much damage.
Break your Primary Weapon.



What’s that noise?
You raise your weapon and scan the dark rocky plain that stretches out around the paw-path you’re patrolling. Training your sights into the shadows. Nothing… Wait… The ground is… rippling? A noise like a thousand tapping fingers rolls in like thunder and before you can find a higher ground you are in the migrating path of countless bedbugs the size of your backpack. You are knocked off balance and you feel them nicking at your fur as they pass over you, thrashing does little to fight them off.

Roll 8 dice.
For every result of 1 to 5 you take 1FP damage.



At a crossroads overlooking Razorhammer, the massive prospecting site, you stop to take in the view. Smoke billows endlessly out of the enormous chasm beneath the drill tower. Just before you move on you are joioned at the crossroads by two other Teds on patrol, one of them has a strange lantern strapped to their pack, the flame within it glows green and you spot a pair of small eyes peering through the light.
A hinkypunk!?
They are very keen to talk about the trader they just met on the road who has a number of curiosities for sale! They point down a worn path off to the eastern edge of Redspine and wish you luck on your patrols.

Head to the Scrapper Special Encounter.



Down a shingle-rock path, round a clliff-side and in the shade of some collapsed stone pillars you spy something, a mass of dusty metal covered by a tattered red scrim net.

You pull the scrim to one side to find it is a Hunters HalfShell Mek!
You are about to call it in when someteddy drops in behind you and puts you into a sleeper hold! 

Make a saving throw.
Roll 1 D10

You attempt to break free from the lock but the Hunter has you locked in. Slowly but surely you black out. Awakening later to find yourself alone and picked clean of gear.

You lose 2 hours.
Lose any Weapons, Equipment, Grenades and Loot.
If you have any physical items in your inventory then lose them also.

You wrestle free.
You reach behind you to release a strap from your gear between you and the Hunter. Using it to lever the Bears arm from your neck. As you spin to face your enemy they whip you across the face with the butt of a pistol, knocking you off your balance and narrowly missing the shot they fired straight after.

As you pull yourself up again, reaching for the nearest weapon on your kit, you see them sprint and slide under the scrim net, firing up the HalfShell with a single button press. The mek rises and tears from the scrim, lunging at you with a drill arm whirling and hissing.

Face off against the Hunter Halfshell in the Encounters Section.



(Additional Time Cost: 1 Hour)

After patrolling through rows of claustrophobically sharp rocks you are somewhat relieved to enter a clearing, lit by moonlight enough to see that you are alone.

That is until something seems to drop out of nowhere. A flare hits the dusty red ground and lays there burning away as the realisation sets in… Moximoths!
You’ve heard of this Hunter Family. Night hunters who use updrafts in the mountains to glide across vast regions, dropping in on unsuspecting patrols… 

Alone time is over.

Face off against the Moximoths in the Encounters section.



Two sharp shots split the quiet night air, followed by pained cries and expletives like you’ve never heard. You race to the top of a nearby ridge and look out across a moonlit rocky plateau. A dead Mothdrake and an unstuffed teddy frame the struggle between a very much alive Mothdrake and another bear fighting for their life. The giant insects long legs scramble rapidly keeping the bear on its back while it’s claw-like front arms tear through the gear and fatigues to get to the stuffing inside.
You fire a few shots as you engage in the fight, the Mothdrakes giant wings stretch out and the creature takes off into the darkness leaving a still bear on the ground.
Racing up to their side you take a knee and examine the damage. It’s bad but he’s not without a chance. You give the ted an encouraging, firm pat on the shoulder and tell him to stay with you as you reach into your pouches for a first aid kit.

It will take two First Aid Kits properly administered to save the ted.
If you have two First Aid Kits then remove them and Roll 1 D10.
(+2 to the result if you are a Medic Class)

You stuff and stitch up a large gash on the teds chest but despite your efforts the life is fading from him faster than you can work. You discover beneath the ribbons of fabric and torn gear another severe rip on the teds inner thigh had been haemorrhaging stuffing the whole time.

You sit quietly for a moment out of respect before unclipping the TedTags from both of the bears and mark their location on a digital tablet for a dedicated TTHQ teams collection.

Gain 10 TedCreds
Gain 2x Loot Result 1

You make a point of clearing all the loose gear and shredded fabric from the bear before you start work and spot two major wounds. One on his chest and another on his inner thigh. You pinch and wrap the thigh tightly before working on both wounds.
In a short time the bear is conscious enough to sit upright, he expresses his thanks but seems distant. His eyes are locked onto his fallen brother. He says he can call for a ride so you’re good to head back out. Before you leave he passes you a gift to show his gratitude for you stepping in.
“If not for you I’d be moth food. Keep your eyes up.”

You gain 5 TedCreds
You gain a Hot Tip
(Check the Encampment Tuck Shop for Description)

Your paw reaches into an empty pouch, your heart sinks.
The bear drifts into unconsciousness and you sit with him until his pained expression becomes one of peaceful release. You stay a moment longer in silence out of respect before unclipping the TedTags from both bears and marking their location on a small tablet for TTHQ’s dedicated collection team.

Gain 10 TedCreds
Gain 2x Loot Result 1



You spot some smoke rising from one of the sharp rocky gullies that run through the region and you enter with caution. In one of the narrow passages you find a Hunter Shell, a cobbled together mech that the Hunter families are so fond of crafting. Though they rarely seem to work.
This Mech is part buried under a pile of rubble and smouldering. On top of the rubble, wedged into the rocks, there is a piece of the Mechs machinery tied to a small pipe with a yellow ribbon. Giving the scene a solemn burial ground feel. You have heard of the bond Hunters have with their Shells, like they are part of the Family…
Very sad… Anyway!
You reach into the exposed cockpit and pull out some gear.

Gain 2 Loot.
+ 2x Loot Result 6



Your patrol takes you close by to the huge prospecting site RazorHammer, the ground beneath your boots vibrates softly as the machinery digs deep into the regions rocky floor.
Nearby the rough pathway you spy a dark cave, definitely worth checking out. As you approach, it becomes clear that the moon and starlight isn’t enough to get a good look at what’s inside.

Not far into the cave lies a backpack, you take a knee and begin looking through it, once you have what you want you look a little deeper into the cave and see an alarming amount of bedbugs. A breeding ground perhaps… You make a note for the Encampment for other patrols to avoid it and back out slowly.

Gain 20 TedCreds.
Gain 1 First Aid Kit.

Gain 1 Repair Kit.
Gain 2 Loot.

Score… A backpack lies at the entrance of the cave. Rootling through it you find some helpful gear and you wonder what else might be in here. The flashlight only reveals vague shapes of the walls and uneven looking ground but there is too much reddish dust to make out exactly what you’re looking at.

You may choose another option before moving on with your patrols.

Gain 1 First Aid Kit.
Gain 1 Repair Kit.

You pick up a nearby rock from the cave and toss it deep into the darkness, keeping a keen ear out for what clues you can gain from the sounds. What you hear sends a panicked shiver through your fuzz.
At first it sounds like rain falling rapidly on the rocks, a chittering sound joins the medley and the noise grows louder as you feel a second vibration join the rumble of the nearby dig-site.
Time to go!
you reach the exit but the wave of Bedbugs are already on the move, spooked by the sudden clatter of your stone. They charge over you, nicking and biting as they pass.
Roll 8 D10.
Take 2FP Damage for every result of 1 to 5.

You know bad enough things lurk in the darkness of night here in Redspine, as you approach the cave and hear the deafening silence inside you have a change of heart, you’d rather not know what lives in the darkest parts of this fluff-hungry region.
You return to your patrols.



You’ve barely left the encampment on your patrol when a brazen Mothdrake descends on you, taking a swipe that you are able to dodge mostly by luck.
It flits in and out of the darkness, leaving you helplessly attempting to keep track of it in the shadows. It darts in and out once more, grabbing your pack with a sharp claw and dragging you down a dark hillside away from camp.

Take 1FP Damage.
Bench 1 die for this Encounter.
Face off against the Mothdrake in the Encounters Section.

You manage to dodge any swipes as you are dragged into the dark rocky clearing.

Face off against the Mothdrake in the Encounters Section.


(Additional Time Cost: 1 Hour)

You pass a guards pillbox on the edge of the Razorhammer dig site and you overhear two bears inside, one is boasting about how brave they are.
“Honestly though, honestly right. If there was a Black DragonMoth ‘ere right now I’d ‘ave ‘im… I would! What you lookin’ like that for, you don’t believe I could take one?”
The fragility is palpable.
“Alls I’m sayin t’ye chuck, is I think any-ted in their right mind would just run the other way that’s alls I’m sayin t’ye.” The other tries to bring the Tedtosterone down a notch.
“Nah see, that’s what they’re trainin’ us for innit! To be ‘ard bears! I’d just nut it and it ‘d be lights out!”
“Yeah for you maybe, chuck. Alright I’ll tell ye what. There’s a couple of Firebrax down’road. You go take care of them and I’ll give ye twenty creds.”
“Easy creds pal. I’ll be right back!” The boisterous ted snatches up his rifle and storms out as the other scoffs and returns to his post.

“Easy….” Huffs the tough ted as he approaches you. “You there, Patrol Ted… Come with me we’ve got a Firebrax problem.” He snaps. You are compelled to see how this plays out and follow him.

As you approach the location the brave ted insists you take the lead, an opportunity to prove your skills, he says. You take point and move into the clearing where a group of Firebrax are fighting over something that might once have been a teddy.

They spy you and immediately charge, you turn to instruct the brave ted but he’s no where to be seen!

Face off against the Firebrax in the Encounters Section.

You dodge his repeated requests to take point as you approach the location. Taking a knee at the entrance of the clearing where several ferocious Firebrax are fighting over what may well once have been a fellow ted. 

Upon seeing the mangled pile of stuffing and twisted, torn fur, the brave bear yelps involuntarily and freezes, in almost no time at all the Firebrax are upon you both, brave bear is instantly turned into a teddy sized party popper as stuffing fills the air.
You ready your weapon as they approach you!

Gain Loot result 1.
Gain 20 TedCreds.

Face off against the Firebrax in the Encounters Section.



On the outer edge of Redspine you notice some interesting tracks. Boot prints. In their own right boot prints aren’t interesting, but these lead off into the darkness of the border between Redspine Rows and Redsands. A perilous place on any given day.

You follow them a little way out before it starts to become more difficult to track.

Make a Tracking Throw.

Roll 3 Dice.

Roll the dice and check for pairs of numbers.

You follow the tracks to a large dip in the dunes. In the centre is a small firepit. A creature (possibly a bear) covered head to toe in bandages and scrap armour sits with an odd looking creature with a stubby body and a large red rock for a head, they are speaking a strange dialect like grunting and teeth chattering when the little rock head creature spots you.
They seem un-phased by your presence and even beckon you over. The scrapper throws a sandy sheet off of a display of wares and presents a wave of a paw across the items, they are for sale.

Go to the Scrapper Trader in the Special Encounters Section.

You lose the tracks and you can’t see a damn thing out here… What was that noise?
Suddenly a violent tug and a shooting pain envelopes your leg, you take a shot and miss but you catch sight of the Firebrax burrowing back under the sand!

If you do not have Darksight equipped or a Flare to use then in the following Encounter you will need to roll two Successful Hits in order to do one damage to Firebrax (put one die to the side to track damage as usual and the other die is considered Deflected )



The moonlight in the Tedlands brings out many interesting plants and creatures in the Tedlands, but not usually in the arid rocky plains of Redspine. And yet on the western side of Redspine occasionally Teds find interesting fungus or vines creeping in from Whispwood and beyond.
Tonight is one such night. On the side of a rock you see some purple waxy moss growing, luminescent to the touch. In the centre there is a magnificent flower in full midnight bloom.

You can’t help yourself, you think this flower must be worth something.
You pluck it from its stem and instantly feel a pain shoot through your paw and arm. On closer inspection the plant has tiny white thorns growing all along the stem. You drop the flower on the floor and it instantly decays.

Take 5FP Permanent Damage.
(mark an [X] in the Fluff Points Box. This cannot be healed in the Tedlands)


The scent is sweet! You take a bigger whiff, the second scent stings your nostrils. You watch as the petals twirl into themselves and the moss rapidly spreads over everything, including yourself, rippling with all the colours of the rainbow.
In spite of the scene being quite alarming, you feel rather spectacular.
You black out.

When you awaken, you have lost both your weapons and any grenades.

Roll 1 D10 and lose that much time.
Roll 1 D10 and take that much in Permanent Damage.
(Mark as [X] in your fluff points box. This cannot be healed in the Tedlands)

You know full well that not all the glitters is gold in the Tedlands. A pretty flower indeed, probably best to leave it be.
You admire it one last time and continue on your patrols.

Thanks to your unique set of skills and knowledge you know full well this is actually a fungus and not a flower. A parasitic one that travels via the mycelium spanning miles under the dirt of the Tedlands.
It’s actually quite fascinating, you think to yourself, because this Fungus originates from the decaying remains of Forgotten Phobus’ and it can do the same lasting damage as a Forgotten can. Even when you think you’ve neutralised a Forgotten threat they can still get you through a simple flower… Very clever.
Anyway it does make a nice tea!
You don your gloves, clip your nose shut and carefully snip it off, popping it into a vial with some clean water.

Add “Fungal Tea – Heals 8FP” to your inventory.



On the near horizon you see light from a fire. You presume another patrolling ted has stopped to toast some Cottonflower or cook a couple of Silkworm skewers… You’re clearly hungrier than you realise as you shake the thoughts of visiting the Canteens back at the Capital and haul yourself up the rough natural steps of the rocky hillside. The firepit you find at the top is unoccupied… Or so you thought. A voice sounds out from the nearby shadows-edge.
“Like a moth to the flame… Actually glad you’re not a moth this time. I’ve had like three of those tonight.”
You turn to see a hulking figure stepping into the light. A Hunter wearing a hefty Mech suit fitted out with a drilling unit and a bulky claw.
“You know the drill…” She winks, buzzing the drill arm for a moment.
“It’s clawww’berin’ time!… Clobberin’ time. I’m still workin’ on that one.”
Before you have a chance to make a suggestion she takes a swing at you with the giant metal claw.

Face off against the Hunter Half Shell in the Encounters Section.


Friendly Encounter.

Near the eastern border of Redspine the wind blows wild. Dust from the nearby desert hitches a ride on the air and makes it especially difficult to see on an already dark night. You consider turning back but then you spot a dim light in the darkness. A lantern of some sort? Or a Hinkypunk?

You proceed cautiously and you are greeted by a figure shrouded in cloth. Shielded goggles and a large sandy scarf obscure its face entirely you almost wonder if there’s a bear in there at all. It gestures to it’s cart where a few interesting wares are laid out, illuminated by a bright jar of light. The trader makes a universal paw-sign for trade.

Go to the Scrapper Section in Encounters. This is not a Combat Encounter.



You’ve arrived here through Patrol results or through successfully Tracking.
Grab all the D10s from your dice pool and get ready for combat!

If things get tough remember you can Flee an Encounter after any Combat Roll.
To Flee, Roll 1 D10:
1-3 = Bad exit. Take the roll result as damage.
4-10 = Swift exit. You escape with ease.
Either way, return to the Region Encampment.


Lint Eaters


Barbed Maw.

If Firebrats have rolled any Counter Attack  results during this Combat Roll they deal 1 extra FP damage each.


Lint Eaters


Dust cloud.

A sharp wing beat throws up a cloud of dust as it thrusts itself away from your attack. Any Successful Hit dealt to the Mothdrake on this Combat Roll is ignored.





Negate all Successful Hits this Combat Roll.


Hunter halfshell



Break Load-Bearing Gear.

If Load-Bearing Gear is already Broken then Lose it completely.

If there is no Load-Bearing Gear then take 5FP Damage.


Crushing Grip.

Break Primary Weapon.

If Primary Weapon is Broken then Break Secondary Weapon.

If both are Broken take 3FP Damage.




The Scrapper looks you up and down as you approach and a gentle nod lets you know to approach for trade.

Make a note of anything you purchase in your Inventory box on your character sheet.

Scrapper Trader

Friendly Encounter


Smoke Grenade.
Cost: 1 First Aid Kit
One Use Only: Before any Combat Roll you can use smoke grenade to flee!

Hinkypunk in a jar.
Cost: 2 Loot (erase from your loot box)
One Use Only: Instead of rolling your Patrol you may choose the result you would like. Or perhaps it might have a better use elsewhere…

Strange Medallion. (Can only be bought once)
Cost: 3 Fluff Points
Add 1 die to your standard dice pool.

Expanding silk pill.
Cost: Secondary Weapon (erase it from your character sheet)
One Use Only:  Regain all Fluff Points.

All trades are final, no refunds!

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