In death we are not Forgotten, but the Vale is a heavy burden to bear alone.

The Tedguard is the most exclusive organised group to be accepted into as it requires each Teddy the pay the highest price. The loss of their human. Their passing is known as The Vale. Valed Teds have the right to cease their service to the TTHQ and follow the Mourning Star, a celestial body only visible to the Valed, leading them to a Tedguard sanctuary to begin their healing.

High Hearthome

Located in the mountainous regions of Southern Tedlands and situated atop a peak that overlooks the valleys and pine forests for miles around. High Hearthome is the Grand Temple to the Council of Elderbears.

Grand Masters, Archivists and those preparing for rest eternal call this palatial refuge home. But it is also used as a rendezvous point, a place for meditation, protection, training and honing ones Valed Gift.

The path to High Hearthome is hidden from most travellers. Only those who have felt the grief of great loss can see the light of the Mourning Star. The celestial body that lights the way for all Tedguard.

Notable Bears

Grand Master Astatus

Astatus is an old stickney bear who sits as the head of the Council of Elderbears, residing at High Hearthome welcoming travellers walking the ancestral trail, answering questions and guiding meditations.
Of all the council he may be the oldest bear but he seems to have the youngest spriit, often taking his leave to follow relic leads (against the wishes of his peers who worry for his safety) and very much enjoys playing guitar and games.
He’s the bear-to-beat at Grizz, a game of accuracy and strategy, played throughout the Tedlands.

Priestess Clamoris

One of Grand Master Astatus’ star students.
Clamoris had spent years as an Archivist in High Hearthome before discovering she has a knack for spotting patterns in relic locations. Astatus took her out on a lead for an ancient ancestral piece of armour, The helm of Marius. Clamoris located the Helm and discovered clues that would lead to the breastplate, cloak and hammer. She went on to earn higher ranks as a prolific Relic hunter and has secured a breathtaking number of artefacts for the Tedguards safekeeping.

Cardinal Whisper

There are two things that bears in the Tedlands do not want to hear. The Choir of the Vale or the Whisper of the Nightmare. The Choir is a farewell from a bears human charge as the connection is severed through love lost. The Whisper is the beckoning of Forgotten hive mind as the connection is severed through love neglected.
Cardinal Whisper heard both within moments of one another. The Whisper came first, then drowned out by the Choir. Though he still hears echoes of the Whisper now and then like a piece of the Forgotten stayed with him.
The Noxmortis, a group of Valed riders serving The Nightmare have been looking for an opportunity to bring Whisper into their ranks, but the Cardinal remains steadfast and committed to the Tedguard cuase.

Deacon Moses

About this bear

Faction Elements

Vehicles and Technology

About the Falabella, Gate harvesting and the Void pistol

The Mourning Star

A celestial body that only Valed Teds can see. Following its light will lead them to Tedguard refuges or reveal hidden paths, doors and passages unseen by others.

When the loving light has set
And the dew of loss is wept
Then you show your little flame
To help and guide us through our pain
 – A verse from the Tedguard poem “How I wonder lost and far”

Currency: Trade

Tedguard have no currency exactly but it is not uncommon to meet a Tedguard with a TTHQ TedCred chip or a Hunters Scrap string.
It is forbidden to trade Tedmium as it is a coveted material gifted by the Tedguard to its acolytes. However any other materials or the use of TedCreds from their former lives is accepted as a resourceful way to achieve their objectives if it aids their journey.

The Valed Gift

A treaty exists between the TTHQ and Tedguard that states any-Ted who becomes Valed while in the service of the TTHQ has the right to join the Tedguard for the early stages of grief and will be allowed the right to stay with the Tedguard if it is their wish. As part of the same treaty the TTHQ receive shipments of coveted materials as a payment for each Valed Ted who remains with them.

The Shemagh

Deacons are issued their first Shemagh scarf and embroidery set which a Tedguard uses to survey the regions they travel through, every Tedguard Scarf is a high prize for Teds who get their paws on them (Very rarely as you might imagine) since they are essentially treasure maps detailing Tedmium deposits, artefacts, secret tunnels and gear stashes, so long as you can crack the cypher they use to detail these specifics. We’re not talking an X marks the spot situation.

The Choice

About going back to the human world with the chance to find a new charge. Only offered before joining the Tedguard and only achievable at High Hearthome.

Notable Locales

Sparks of Steel

Tedguard outposts, bedsits, workshops, restocking points. Usually rampart and tower like in design, each Spark focuses on a specialisation. From forging weapons to building vehicles, from martial arts (PALS) to survival skills.

More specific about Sparks of Steel being the place where bears make their first sword.

Valley of the Vale 

For those Teds who are quite simply finished with the dealings in the Tedlands but wish to preserve their memories and connection with their late charge. A peaceful space to live away from the politics and chaos of the Tedlands.