– TTHQ –

The largest organised military force in the Tedlands. Responsible for the recruitment and training of almost all Bears residing in the continent to date. Most recruits serve the cause fiercely while some defect, some are Forgotten and some become Valed. But those who remain are staunch believers in TTHQs mission and the protection of the Nexus, a perpetually open gateway leading in and out of the Tedlands.

Tedlands Capital City

Home of all TTHQ operatives and divided into a number of organised districts. Accommodations, training grounds, recruitment facilities, specialised markets and recreational grounds to name a few.
But most importantly, anchored securely at the core of this city-like Base of Operations lies the Nexus. The primary and perpetually open Dream Gate tethering all Bears to their Human Charges. TTHQ takes their guardianship of this lifeline as a duty that supersedes all others. To lose it would mean defeat for TTHQ and a loss of hope for all unvaled and unforgotten Bears residing in the Tedlands.
To visit the Capital for the first time, anybear could be mistaken to think it was residential or even civilian in nature. Business in the traders district thrives with vendors who supply operatives through honest trade. Recreational grounds are rarely empty with Bears playing a host of sports both physical and mental. Even the nightlife is alive and well as clubs and bars open their doors giving operatives the chance to socialise and unwind between missions. All running smoothly through the TTHQ’s official currency system, TedCreds.
The Capital is the start of most Bears journey in the Tedlands. A home and hearth protected and nurtured by all who pass through its gates.

– Notable Bears –

Comm. Gen Caedes

So much can be said about Theodore Caedes while so little is truly known.
Enlisted in 1905, Theodore Caedes joined at a pivotal point for Bears in the service of Ursa’s Shield. During Operation Death Rattle in the second Tedland Wars, Caedes, an Officer at the time, vanished. Only to return at a crucial moment and turn Ursa’s Shield to the path of Victory.
Soon after, Caedes took the roll of Commanding General and changed the name of the Faction to Tactical Teddies, leading it from strength to strength ever since.

CPT. Ticklebomb

Most bears join TTHQ the same way. Confused, scared, looking for meaning, hoping they have what it takes to protect their human charge and survive at the same time. And then sometimes a Bear like Ticklebomb enlists. Sharp, ready and willing. As though he knew his destiny was something bigger than him, larger than the bedroom he lived in.
Ticklebomb was barely out of basic training before Squad leaders were inquiring for him to join their outfit. In almost no time at all, Caedes inducted him into the Wolfspiders where he now serves as a Captain.

Dr. Denkenbar

Head of Recruitment and a thought leader in the fields of Ted Psychology and Mental Health.
Denkenbar is a highly regarded individual at TTHQ. 
Under her guidance the faction have enlisted and successfully trained more combat effective Bears than ever before, arming them not only with the necessary tools for survival in the battles that ensue across the Tedlands, but also the battles that rage in their minds, an invisible siege that effects everybear who takes on the responsibilities of existence.

LT. Skope

Likely the most legendary sniper in Tedland history, Skope has provided overwatch on countless successful missions, taken out near impossible high value targets through sheer patience and skill, and holds the TTHQ record for longest distance fatal hit on a moving target.
Furthermore, Skope is the only Bear who has declined the Commanding Generals request to join the Wolfspiders Initiative. Skopes loyalty after his human charge is his military brothers and sisters. Believing his calling is to protect his fellow operatives directly by being present on dangerous and important missions.

– Faction Elements –

Vehicles and Technology

As the Tedlands largest organised military force it’s no surprise to find TTHQ boasts the widest range of offensive and defensive vehicles on the continent. They are the only faction with reliable air, land and sea presence.

From heavily armoured tanks like the Goliath to light and fast personnel vehicles. Stealth bombers like the Silent Banshee to roaring choppers. Wave cutting coastal vessels like the Trident B1 to nimble speedboats.

Adding advanced communications into the mix means TTHQ has it all at their reactive disposal making them a force that brings a reckoning to all that they zero their sights on.


The official and diverse armoury of approved weapons for use by TTHQ Operatives is branded as STANISS Tech.
All new Operatives are given a STANISS R6 automatic rifle, a STANISS P12 sidearm and a STANISS Serrat knife. Equipment can then be modded or new hardware purchased using TedCreds at any officiated Vendor found at the Capital or at Outposts around the Tedlands.
It’s not all regulated gear however, TTHQ have weapon research and development facilities dotted around the Tedlands making use of any and all resources available to them. In fact some science focussed Outposts regularly post opportunities for TTHQ Operatives or Freelance Contractors to test out experimental weapons.

Currency: TedCreds

The TTHQ economy runs on Credits known as TedCreds, an intangible currency stored on an operatives military account, they earn these credits by taking on missions and spend them at the armoury and services quarters of TTHQ outposts and bases.
Owning currency outside of TedCreds is considered contraband and grounds for court-martial.

The Valed Exemption

A treaty exists between the TTHQ and Tedguard that states anybear who becomes Valed while in the service of the TTHQ has the right to join the Tedguard for the early stages of grief and will be allowed the right to stay with the Tedguard if it is their wish.
As part of the same treaty the TTHQ receive shipments of coveted materials as a payment for each Valed Bear who remains with them.


Founded by Theodore Caedes in his first year as Commanding General. Wolfspiders are an elite company of Bears operating outside of standard TTHQ Protocols. A license to execute missions as they see fit without need for clearance or debrief. What happens as a Wolfspider stays with the Wolfspiders so long as the mission is completed.


Greybears are deep cover Valed operatives. Infiltrating targeted groups for close observation and to eliminate growing threats from the inside, or to take out high value targets without clear involvement. To be a Greybear is to live the life of an enemy of TTHQ in the service of TTHQ.

– Notable Locales –


The site of a gigantic prospecting operation in the Northern Tedland region known as Redspine Rows. An initiative instigated by Caedes’ predecessor Comm. Gen. Malleus. The dig site provides the Capital with enough raw materials to maintain a steady flow of research and construction without relying on Operatives to permanently borrow items from their human charges for their coveted materials.

Shattered Shields 

One of the highest tier TTHQ Training Ground Trials. Shattered Shields is primarily a wide and deep ravine in the Southern Tedland region known as Icemantle.

Arching across the gap is a thin natural bridge-like formation now loaded with challenges intended to emulate the trials that soldiers of Ursa’s Shield were said to face in the First Tedland Wars during their push to secure Icemantle from invading Forgotten forces.

– Notable Vehicles –

GOLIATH Heavy Tank

Introduced by Comm. Gen. Malleus during the Second Tedland Wars. The G.HT is a formidable sledgehammer of a machine, smashing through enemy defences and standing head and shoulders above other armour the battlefield makes this tank a giant of war.


A modern infiltration and extraction chopper with turn-on-a-dime handling. In skilled paws the Valkyrie can swoop in and carry away its brave operatives while leaving enemy bears disoriented by its distinctive thundering cry and cyclone of wind upon its descent.


A high speed aerial unstuffing machine!  Casting a foreboding shadow across the battlefield, the Harpy MG2 sends enemy bears to their makers with every pass.
Sleek in design it’s easy to underestimate the punch this plane packs. If the twin machine guns weren’t enough then maybe the incendiary bombs stored in its undercarriage might spice things up.


It might look chunky but this buggy can roll out in a pinch and it’s got handling and acceleration that’ll have speed-freaks gripping their seat for dear life.
MK3’s new ingredient is an experimental upgrade called the NitroDam. At the flip of a switch a full-to-bursting barrier holding back overdrive-fuel is broken, creating an explosive boost of speed that’ll whip the fur off your face if the blast doesn’t singe off your tail.

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