It may seem odd to have a region so barren and dead so close to a Capital which promotes its surrounding regions to thrive for future expansion. But Ratrun has long been the exception. It has served as the thoroughfare for deserters as long as there have been Hunters thriving in the east. The goal of shelling the region of Ratrun to an inch of being just a crater was to dissuade any would-be deserters from choosing that path.

Now all that remains is ash, bog and a labyrinth cracked into the dead earth, a wasteland that would appear devoid of life. but beneath the surface things are burrowing and clawing, crawling out of the eastern deserts and making a hunting ground of this arid region.


Who goes there!? Ahh it’s fresh fluff, you’re alright. I’m Watch-bear Orlia.
Get your fuzzy butt outta here and down to your patrols.

If you need to rest or fix your gear you can always head back here.

Rest or Repair as many time as you need before heading back out.

REST to regain 1FP – Time Cost: 1 Hour
REPAIR 1 Broken Item  – Time Cost: 1 Hour
Visit the Camps Tuck Shop – Time Cost: Free

Grab whatever you need from the store so long as you’ve got the TedCreds.
Make a note in your inventory of anything you buy, erase it or strike it through when used.

stun grenade
cost: 10 tedcreds

Use during combat: Negate all opponent results in a combat roll.

smoke grenade
cost: 10 tedcreds

Use during combat: Negate all combat roll results. You may also successfully flee combat.

cluster bomb
cost: 10 tedcreds

Use during combat: Resolve the current combat roll then (before making the next combat roll) roll three dice that successful hit on 5 or higher, ignoring the opponents combat grid.

cost: 10 tedcreds

Use when making a saving throw: Roll 3 die instead of one and choose a result from them.

fixit tape
cost: 15 tedcreds

Add 2 Repair Kits.

Ration pack
cost: 15 tedcreds

Add 2 First Aid Kits.

hot tip
cost: 20 tedcreds

Use instead of rolling a patrol: You can choose the result you would prefer based on the time of day you use it.

training manual
cost: 60 tedcreds

Add 1 die to your standard dice pool.

cost: 10 tedcreds

Burst Fire.
After any combat roll: you may ignore the results, bench one die and reroll the remaining. You can do this as many times as you have dice.

cost: 5 tedcreds

If your opponent only has one hit point remaining after any combat roll then you may choose to instantly deal one extra damage and break this weapon.


If you are feeling like a change of scenery and you still have the time to spare why not visit one of the other destinations for new enemies and events!

We have a Hunchback MK3 Buggy deliver supplies regularly, I’m sure they’ll let you hop on the back!

time cost: 1 hour
Redspine Rows

Time to rock and roll. Watch out for falling rocks and rolling creatures!

time cost: 2 hours

The darkness beyond the treeline is made of more than just shadows.

time cost: 1 hour
Crows rest

Rolling Hills and open skies sounds quite relaxing until you realise there’s nowhere to hide.

TIME: 1 hour
The Capital

If you are out of time you can travel back to the Capital for free to end the Patrols.

Foraging and tracking

The Tedland wilds may be a treacherous place, but it is also willing to aid your journey if you know what to look for.
Whether it’s naturally occurring wadding to heal your injuries, or a track in the dirt or bent foliage that might lead you to exactly what you’re looking for.


– Foraging –

-Time cost: 1 hour –
Roll 3 D10.

If you roll two matching numbers then you discover the relevant wadding below.
Add it to your inventory or eat it straight away.

1, 2 or 3
grain sprouts

Heals 1FP

4, 5 or 6
bullrush heads

Heals 2FP

7, 8 or 9
Cotton flower

Heals 3FP

silk worm

Heals 5FP


– Tracking –

-Time cost: 2 hours –
Roll 3 D10.

If you roll two matching numbers then you discover the clue below.
You can go straight to the patrol or encounter results without paying the patrol or additional time costs.

1 - 5
encounter tracks

Choose your target in the encounters section and begin combat.

6 - 9
instant markings

Choose your instant in the patrols section and play it out.

clear indications

You may choose any patrol result or encounter.

If it is an encounter then you start with 1 successful hit on your opponent before making your first Combat Roll.


– TIME Cost: 1 hour –

1. Head out on patrol by first checking the time of day on your “time spent” section. If the next available segment has no moon then you are about to go on a Day Patrol. If there is a moon then you are about to go on a Night Patrol.
2. Spend the 1 hour patrol cost and roll 1 D10.
3. Check the result to see what you found and follow its instruction, spending the additional time cost if there is one.
(If you spent your last time slot on the patrol cost you may ignore the additional time cost in the result, enjoy!)
4. Once the scenario has finished you may return here to patrol again or head to the camp for repairs so long as you have the time to spend.



(Additional Time Cost: 1 Hour)

Making your way through the charred deep fissures that make up the labyrinth you discover a very narrow passage that opens into a clearing littered with a carpet of dead ashy roots. You begin to crunch and crack your way across the grey bracken floor, cautious that any branch could give way to a further drop. You are about half way across when a sudden plume of soot and splinters explodes only a few paw steps in front of you.
A voice somewhere nearby curses “DAMMIT! IT WENT OFF EARLY!”. An ash covered bear hauls himself out of a hiding place and swings his pistol up.
“It’s nothin’ personal. Your ears are my ticket into the Family.”

Face off against the Hunter Initiate in the Encounters section.


Insant + Encounter.
(Additional Time Cost: 1 Hour)

The ground here is often a mix of soot, crumbling charred wood and dead earth, giving the ground a powdery texture. Ash falls almost constantly across the region like dark snow, making it difficult to track anything as any markings are covered over in moments.
Fortuitous then, that you should see some now. It’s difficult to say what it is as it’s mostly just a pattern winding off into the distance. Time is of the essence.

Roll 1 D10.
Whatever the result, face off against the opponent in the Encounters section and instantly deal 1 damage to it for having the advantage.
1 to 4 = Face off against the Hunter Initiate.
5 to 9 = Face off against the Grizzly Mole.
10 = Face off against the Ash Golem.

Face off against the Hunter Initiate in the Encounters section.

Face off against the Grizzly Mole in the Encounters section.

Face off against the Ash Golem in the Special Encounters section.



Making your way through the grey wasteland you are careful to stay on track, there are small evenly spaced torches that mark out some of the old paw-paths. You are keeping a keen eye on the distant torch ahead of you, looking down only to check your footing is safe, when you look up again the light seems to have moved slightly. You check behind you for the torch you recently passed but there is no sign of one, looking ahead again the torchlight seems to giggle at you before extinguishing, leaving you lost in the fog. You try to find your way back to camp.

Make a saving throw.
Roll 1 D10.

You start to recognise the patterns in the rocks and the ashen scuffs along the floor. You’re still lost…

Lose 1 hour and make another Saving Throw.

You finally find a familiar path that leads you back to the Encampment, Orlia looks at you and rolls her eyes, gesturing sharply to get back out on patrol.


Instant + Encounter.
(Additional Time Cost: 1 Hour)

Ash hangs in the air like a grainy fog and the smell of bonfire fills your nose. It’s almost peaceful for a moment. Then you see something moving in the distance. fallen trees and charred branches are being shuffled and nudged as though something invisible is pushing through them… Is that a thing? Are there invisible creatures here? Your mind races quickly through the bestiary of monsters you know of, then through campfire tales but nothing comes to your ever-more panicked mind as the earth churns towards you.
It’s underground!

Make a saving throw.
Roll 1 D10.

You are thrown off balance and fall hard, hitting your head as you watch a gigantic dark creature rise from the dirt.

Lose 2FP.
Face off against the Grizzly Mole in the Encounters section.

The rising dirt lifts you momentarily but you step off briskly and ready yourself to face whatever emerges.

Face off against the Grizzly Mole in the Encounters section.



Through a narrow passageway of the labyrinth, in the smoky distance you spy a figure moving towards you. They urgently scuffle for cover and quickly take a shot at you as you do the same, landing hard behind some dead roots, a little shaken but unscathed. Your shot back seems to hit something judging by the aggravated groan that bounces off the walls for a moment.
Tension is high and a conversation between you echoes around the rocky pass as you both claim to be patrolling for TTHQ. Finally the other bear makes a suggestion that seems fair and would resolve the issue.
“If you can tell me the name of the WatchBear at our encampment, I will step out AND give you a gift as an apology for firing at you… If not, you step out and throw me a First Aid Kit. And we won’t speak of this to any-ted!”

Memory test!

Do you remember the name of the WatchBear at Ratruns Encampment?

You both step out from your cover and give a sheepish apology and a friendly Paw-bump. Wishing each other the best on the patrols.

Gain 1 First Aid Kit.
Gain 1 Hot Tip (Check Tuck Shop for Description)

You draw a blank… Orla? Orala?
You toss them a First Aid Kit if you have one, if you don’t you merely offer your sincere apologies.

Lose 1 First Aid Kit.



Instead of making your way down into the cracked labyrinth you decide to cross the ashy plains, following a very questionable path that seems to bridge the gaping crevasses through a series of makeshift bridges such as rotting doors and fence posts as well as bundles of bracken and fallen trees.
After a few near-falls you are relieved to finally have a stretch of flat earth ahead of you. A good stride into the middle of the dead field you spot a small jet of thick smoke erupt from a round crack in the floor ahead of you. You step back to avoid it only to see another puff to your right. Looking down you realise there are countless small holes perforating the floor. All at once they expel their thick, black noxious gas, your vision is entirely obscured as you fight your way through the field of geysers to safety.

Make a Saving Throw.
Roll 1 D10.

A geysers erupts beneath you, obscuring your vision with its scorching chemical spray.

Take 1FP Damage and roll another Saving Throw.

You step quickly but carefullly through the perforated rocky clearing and make it out of the field of geysers!

The gas mask you are wearing protects you from the blistering chemical sprays and you make it out of the field of geysers quickly!



It’s almost impossible to make out at first, like the dark sky just got a little darker, but the smog definitely just thickened quite rapidly and the wind has picked up, pretty soon dead branches and rusted metal sheets are flying through the air and you’re frantically looking for something to hang onto that isn’t ash and rubble!

Make a saving throw.
Roll 1 D10.

You are swept up helplessly.

Break anything on your character sheet that can be broken.

Roll 1 die and suffer that much damage.

You barely weather the storm, 

Roll 1 die and suffer that much damage
(If you’re wearing the desert breather ignore damage)

By some stroke of luck you find the remains of an old pillbox.
You hold out in there until the storm passes.



Your patrol path leads you deep into the labrynthian passages of the cracked region. You almost lose your path at several turns and you’re starting to realise why they call it… what was that noise? scittering? It’s gone. Anyway you’re starting to realise why they call it Ratru-AHH RATS!
A swarm of gigantic rats crash into view like a wave of matted fur, claws and teeth, scurrying towards you at an alarming speed!

Make a saving throw.
Roll 1 D10.

You do not get out of the way in time and you are caught up in the flurry, kicked and scratched this way and that until you finally emerge from the back of the pack beaten and shredded.

Roll 1 die and suffer that much damage.

But if they weren’t running at you then that means… They were running from something? The ash and dust settle and things are quiet for a moment.

Go to Patrol Result 4.



At the northern edge of Ratrun where the ashen grey powder starts to fade to red rock and sand you see the lights of a convoy route road. You head to the roadside to take a breather from the smog of Ratrun and as you do a convoy truck pulls up, a chirpy, bright green panda leans out of the window, she’s got a lyrical tone that lightens the mood instantly.
“What ya doin on the side’e the road there? Are ya lost?”
You explain you’re on Hallowed Moon Patrol and taking a breather.
“Ohh well I’m headin’ o’er to the hammer in Spikytown, you wanna come along? They got a patrol camp set up near the depot.”

If you would like to travel to Redspine Rows you can do so now at no extra cost of time.

Travel to redspine rows



Whilst crossing what appeared as just another ashy plain you start to realise the ground is getting thicker, like trudging through snow. Your boots are harder to pull up with every step and before you can double back you find yourself completely stuck.

You can feel a warmth beneath the surface of the ashy bog, like a furnace burning beneath the surface. Things are not looking great.

Make a saving throw.
Roll 1 D10.

The heat is unbearable. burning you up from the inside as you try to fight your legs free of the barbecue you’re sinking into. A embers start to flare up around you.

If you have no Cluster Bomb equipped:
Take 3FP Damage and make another saving throw.

If you have a Cluster Bomb equipped:
An ember flicks up and burns hot into the side of one of the micro-warheads of the cluster bomb hanging from your belt, you can’t fight it from its clasp in time and you meet your end in a glorious explosion, blowing a hole in the ground that creates a volcanic eruption, altering the ever-changing face of Ratrun once again.
Your Ted may have perished, but they certainly left a mark.

you can feel the barbecue beneath the surface slowly cooking you from the inside. The smell of charred stuffing fills your snout and you feel a growing sick feeling in the pit of your belly. You rally your senses and continue to haul yourself back towards the edge of the ash-sink.

Take 3FP damage and make another saving throw.

You feel your boots make contact with something solid, a sunken chunk of rock perhaps or, more likely, the petrified remains of other unfortunate creatures taken by the ash-sink. You haul your other boot to meet another sturdy sunken surface and finally you begin to emerge from the ash. Your gear singed by the heat but fortunately in one piece!




Treading cautiously through one of Ratruns many clearings of ashen roots you feel a momentary pull on your ankle followed by a distinct metallic tink echo into the night air. You weren’t cautious enough it seems. You sweep your gaze along the floor in the hope of seeing some kind of sign of a device to roll away from!

Make a saving throw.
Roll 1 D10.

You spot a faint red light blinking under the charred bracken to your right. You roll out of the way as fast as you can.

Roll 1 dice and take that much damage.


You see nothing and take a gamble. The blast throws your body across the clearing.

Roll 2 dice and take that much damage.


Instant + Encounter.
(Additional Time Cost: 1Hour)

A giant dust cloud covers the light of the moon for a moment. A common occurrence in Ratrun. But something feels off this time. The usual sounds of crumbling dead roots and charred rock being cast about by the wind has grown somewhat rhythmic. At first distant, but as the cracking and crunching grows louder it dawns on you that you are about to be very much not alone. You turn just in time for the moon to reappear and reveal a hulking great black rat mid-pounce, hurtling towards you.

Make a Saving Throw.
Roll 1 D10.

The rat slams into you, claws first.
Take 3FP damage and ignore any successful hits in your first combat roll.

Face off against the Giant Rat in the Encounters section.

You move to avoid the blow and are knocked flying.
Take 1FP damage.

Face off against the Giant Rat in the Encounters section.

You instinctively drop onto your back and take a shot with your weapon as the rat flies over you.
Roll 1 dice.
If you roll a 5 or higher you start the encounter instantly placing two of your dice aside as successful hits.

Face off against the Giant Rat in the Encounters section.



Your path leads to a narrow rocky alleyway between two clearings. As you sidle through the tight space you notice something between the scorched rock wall. Thin golden roots woven in the gaps. Grain Sprouts! Perfect wadding to keep you topped up. Grabbing a paw-ful you haul the sprouts out of the wall.

Roll 1 die. You pull half this number (rounding up) from the wall. 

Make a note in your inventory.
Grain Spouts Heal 1 FP per sprout eaten.


Instant + Encounter.
(Additional Time Cost: 1 Hour)

The moonlight shines down on a field of dark bones and bracken. In the center of the graveyard lies a mound with an ominously dark hole. You may choose to drop in a flare if you have one.

The lair is empty and some items instantly catch your eye.
Make two loot rolls.

With some uncertainty you determine that the lair is empty and after rummaging in the deep mulchy flooring you manage to find a set of TedTags.
Note down the number 1 in your Loot Box.

As you climb out of the dusty mound you spot a shape standing in the moonlit clearing. A very angry Grizzly Mole huffs a gravelly grunt before charging across the ashy plain towards you.

Face off against the Grizzly Mole in the Encounters section.



It is getting difficult to tell where the dark ashen ground ends and the black smoky sky begins. You are beginning to feel the overbearing loneliness of Ratrun when you hear a faint groan rise softly into the air. You follow the sound towards the red light of a rangers backpack. The ted is pretty banged up, he is clumsily trying to stitch a gash in his side which is haemorrhaging stuffing. 

You help patch the tear but he is still too weak, his attention fading. He will need to be healed for 6FP urgently using any means you might have available.

You can use a combination of First Aid Kits and Foraged Wadding if you have them. Alternatively you can decide not to help the bear.

He thanks you, pulls out a tablet from his pack and places one of his TedTags into a slot on the side, tapping in his pin he transfers 30 TedCreds to your account.

If you are a Ranger Class he also gives you a Hot Tip
(Check the Tuck Shop at Camp for the description).

You stay with him as he drifts into deep silence. The darkness of Ratrun seems to take him with it as the moon finally pulls off the dark cloud cover, its reflection barely caught in the eyes of a vacant looking teddy ranger. You close his eyes and remove his TedTags. 

Note down the number 1 in your Loot Box.


Instant + Encounter.

As you navigate the crooked and makeshift bridges of Ratruns burnt surface, being careful not to look into the fractured chasms beneath each crossing, you feel as though you are being watched. The quiet chatter of bugs has died down and the wind is all you can hear. You check your surroundings as the moonlight momentarily peers from its cloud cover.

On the dark horizon a shadowy giant rat sits eerily still, within its silhouette another shape stirs, opening a single bright white eye.
The realisation sits so heavily in your gut that you almost instinctively take a knee. Noxmortis. The Dark Watch. Valed agents of the Nightmare. You would think yourself lucky there is only one but you know that’s all it takes.
Its eye has already given your location to any Forgotten in the region. As it mounts its verminous steed you know there is only one thing left to do.


Make a saving throw.
Roll 1 D10.

The Noxmortis catches up to you with unnatural speed.
Face off against the Noxmortis in the Encounters section.

You escape into one of the labyrinthian chasms. Only to be met by Forgotten bears.
Face off against Forgotten Shriekers in the Encounters section.

You escape through a rocky clearing, stirring up the attention of an Ash Golem.
You make it past the golems igniting blast as the Noxmortis enters the clearing and a fight between the two ensues, but you don’t hang around to find out who wins



Ash storms are hard enough to spot in the dull light of day. So you had no hope of spotting one at night. With no warning you are blown off the ground with the force of a hurricane. Ash and embers shred your pelt and you feel your gear being torn from your body.

Make a series of saving throws.

Starting with your class and working down through your character sheet, place your finger on each section that can be broken and roll 1 die, then move to the next section and repeat.

1 to 3 =  Remove that piece of equipment entirely from your character sheet.
You can purchase new gear from the tuck shop or travel back to the Capital to buy new equipment.

4 to 9 = Break that piece of equipment.
You can fix it with Repair Kits or back at camp.

10 = Keep the equipment unbroken.
By some miracle you manage to keep a firm grip on this kit!



Down one of the labyrinthian rocky passages of the region you feel something soft under-boot, you take a knee and shine a flashlight low against the ground. A fellow ted. Part of one anyway. The upper body is ripped clean off. Giant rats or a Grizzly Mole by the looks of the jagged claw markings. No hope of finding the TedtTags for this poor soul. You notice something underneath the body and haul it to one side.


Go to the camp Tuck Shop and roll 1 die.

Going from left to right, top to bottom you receive the item attributed to your roll result.
(Where 1 is a stun grenade, 2 is a smoke grenade and so on)

Desert Breather
equipment item

Ignore any negative effects of Noxious Gas.

Staniss Serat
secondary weapon

If your opponent only has one hit point remaining after any combat roll then you may choose to instantly deal one extra damage and break this weapon.

Staniss evader
load-bearing gear

For every successful hit you roll during combat you may ignore one counter attack within the same roll.

Staniss R6
Primary weapon

+1 die to your dice pool.



At the southern border where new blades of grass begin to pierce the ash you can see the lights of the convoys travelling from the Capital through Crowsrest.

An off-road patrol driving a rugged looking Hunchback MK3 halt on a nearby hillside and flash their lamps at you, you flash a light back in response.

“Hey, how’s the patrol!?” A voice echoes across the dark field from the buggy.

You flash a coded response that gets a laugh from them.
“Come to Crowsrest!” They holler. “We have cookies… And Giant Crows!”

You consider leaving Ratrun to hitch a ride to Crowsrest encampment.

If you would like to travel to Crowsrest you can do so now at no extra cost of time.


Travel to Crowsrest


(Additional Time Cost: 2 Hours)

You enter a large clearing surrounded by high rocks. For the first time since arriving at Ratrun you see no falling ash. A strong updraft coming from a series of cracks in the elaborate stone floor is keeping the arena fresh and clear. Then you see it, in the centre of the clearing, a flower growing out from a broken sculpture of a cloaked bear holding aloft an ornate jug.

As you get closer you identify it as a Spectroliris. A mythological flower said to be a carry its wearer to the Great Halls of the Ennead beyond the Vale. Of course that would mean you would have to fluff it first, and staying alive is first on the to do list.

Fortunately the flower has other uses back at TTHQ and you know you’ll be rewarded for it, but before you can get any closer the air changes and a sudden gust of near-black ash swirls up from the ground. Between you and the flower it takes its hulking form, a monstrous shadow of suffocating ash, with countless burning embers meeting your gaze.

Face off against the Ash Golem in the Special Encounters section.


You’ve arrived here through Patrol results or through successfully Tracking.
Grab all the D10s from your dice pool and get ready for combat!

If things get tough remember you can Flee an Encounter after any Combat Roll.
To Flee, Roll 1 D10:
1-3 = Bad exit. Take the roll result as damage.
4-10 = Swift exit. You escape with ease.
Either way, return to the Region Encampment.




Smoke Grenade!

If you damaged Hunter Initiate this combat roll then ignore this special ability.
The Hunter throws out a smoke grenade and scarpers! Ignore all other dice results and end the encounter.
You do not get the reward.

3 looT

territorial wildlife


Ground Flipper.

The moles giant claws grip a chunk of earth beneath your boots and throws it upward. Reroll this die, if it is a 9 or 10 result then bench 1 die before the next combat roll.

1 looT




More Shriekers show up, negating any Successful Hits you made this combat round. Keep shooting Soldier!

Tainted Claws:
Any damage from Forgotten is taken as Permanent Damage. Place an [X] in the fluff points box to show this. This cannot be healed by Med Kits or resting at camp. Only by returning home.


territorial wildlife



The sound noise of the Giant Rat attracts nearby Forgotten.
If you defeat the Giant Rat you must immediately fight Forgotten Shriekers.
(Only one encounter with Shriekers, regardless of how many specials ability results you roll)





Reroll this die and take the resulting number as damage.



Any Counter Attacks in this combat roll do an extra 1FP damage.


Now you must immediately fight a giant rat.


Without a moment to breathe, the golem hurls a volley of choking ash and scolding embers at you!

Special Encounter Effect: Every time you would suffer a counter attack from Ash Golem, mark the damage and re-roll the counter attack die.
(this counts for every counter attack rolled if there were more than one in your combat roll, reroll them all).
If the result is another counter attack, take the damage and reroll it again. If any other result is rolled then ignore it and conclude that combat roll.




Crackling ignition!

Your attack sparks an explosive reaction that blasts back at you like a volley of fireworks!
Any successful hits you would have made this combat roll deal no damage to Ash Golem and are instead dealt to you.
(If you rolled multiple Special Ability results you must take your total damage dealt that many times)

1 looT
1 specTroliris flower

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