The first dense treeline between the Capital and the Cathedral of Lint. Walking this direction requires cautious steps as you walk the way of the Forgotten. During the Hallowed Moon the Forgotten aren’t the only creatures to become more brazen under the growing cover of darkness.

Creatures from fireside stories, myths and even common threats-made-greater by the tainting touch of the Nightmare all roam the lands in this direction. But where great evil lurks, great treasures also reside. Keep a sharply buttoned eye on the shadows while patrolling these woods, little bear. What you don’t know can most definitely hurt you here.


Welcome to Camp, buddy. I’m Watch-bear Lacy.
Get yourself bombed up and head down for a patrol.

If you need to rest or fix your gear you can always head back here.

Rest or Repair as many time as you need before heading back out.

REST to regain 1FP – Time Cost: 1 Hour
REPAIR 1 Broken Item  – Time Cost: 1 Hour
Visit the Camps Tuck Shop – Time Cost: Free

Grab whatever you need from the store so long as you’ve got the TedCreds.
Make a note in your inventory of anything you buy, erase it or strike it through when used.

stun grenade
cost: 10 tedcreds

Use during combat: Negate all opponent results in a combat roll.

smoke grenade
cost: 10 tedcreds

Use during combat: Negate all combat roll results. You may also successfully flee combat.

cluster bomb
cost: 10 tedcreds

Use during combat: Resolve the current combat roll then (before making the next combat roll) roll three dice that successful hit on 5 or higher, ignoring the opponents combat grid.

cost: 10 tedcreds

Use when making a saving throw: Roll 3 die instead of one and choose a result from them.

fixit tape
cost: 15 tedcreds

Add 2 Repair Kits.

Ration pack
cost: 15 tedcreds

Add 2 First Aid Kits.

hot tip
cost: 20 tedcreds

Use instead of rolling a patrol: You can choose the result you would prefer based on the time of day you use it.

training manual
cost: 60 tedcreds

Add 1 die to your standard dice pool.

cost: 10 tedcreds

Old Reliable.
+ one die to your standard dice pool.

cost: 5 tedcreds

Double Tap.
If your other weapon is broken then this weapon can reroll one die during any combat roll.


If you are feeling like a change of scenery and you still have the time to spare why not visit one of the other destinations for new enemies and events!

We have a Hunchback MK3 Buggy deliver supplies regularly, I’m sure they’ll let you hop on the back!

time cost: 1 hour
Crows Rest

Rolling Hills and open skies sounds quite relaxing until you realise there’s nowhere to hide.

time cost: 2 hours

TTHQ tried to make the way to the desert impassable. It became a labyrinth of horrors.

time cost: 1 hour
redspine rows

Time to rock and roll. Watch out for falling rocks and rolling creatures!

TIME COST: 1 hour
the capital

If you are out of time you can travel back to the Capital for free to end the Patrols.

Foraging and tracking

The Tedland wilds may be a treacherous place, but it is also willing to aid your journey if you know what to look for.
Whether it’s naturally occurring wadding to heal your injuries, or a track in the dirt or bent foliage that might lead you to exactly what you’re looking for.


– Foraging –

-Time cost: 1 hour –
Roll 3 D10.

If you roll two matching numbers then you discover the relevant wadding below.
Add it to your inventory or eat it straight away.

1, 2 or 3
grain sprouts

Heals 1FP

4, 5 or 6
bullrush heads

Heals 2FP

7, 8 or 9
Cotton flower

Heals 3FP

silk worm

Heals 5FP


– Tracking –

-Time cost: 2 hours –
Roll 3 D10.

If you roll two matching numbers then you discover the clue below.
You can go straight to the patrol or encounter results without paying the patrol or additional time costs.

1 - 5
encounter tracks

Choose your target in the encounters section and begin combat.

6 - 9
instant markings

Choose your instant in the patrols section and play it out.

clear indications

You may choose any patrol result or encounter.

If it is an encounter then you start with 1 successful hit on your opponent before making your first Combat Roll.


– TIME Cost: 1 hour –

1. Head out on patrol by first checking the time of day on your “time spent” section. If the next available segment has no moon then you are about to go on a Day Patrol. If there is a moon then you are about to go on a Night Patrol.
2. Spend the 1 hour patrol cost and roll 1 D10.
3. Check the result to see what you found and follow its instruction, spending the additional time cost if there is one.
(If you spent your last time slot on the patrol cost you may ignore the additional time cost in the result, enjoy!)
4. Once the scenario has finished you may return here to patrol again or head to the camp for repairs so long as you have the time to spend.




You hear something shuffling nearby through the leafy floor of the woodland towards you. Taking cover behind the large trunk of a fallen grey tree you stay ready for anything when suddenly, through the dense foliage a curious creature shoves its way into the clearing. A stubby, mossy creature no larger than your backpack, covered in mushrooms and grass, two beady eyes peer through its mostly obscured face, its skin deeply contoured and dry like tree bark. You have heard of these Mytho creatures but this is the first time you’ve seen one, it is a Woodkinn.
It’s stout legs and arms put a lot of effort into pulling something from the bushes it had emerged from, squeaking exasperatedly it finally pulls a large weathered sack into the clearing with it. Just as you had heard, Woodkinn are scavengers by nature, clearing the forest of debris left by Bears. You adjust your position to get a better look but the cracking of branches catches the creatures attention, it lets out a high pitched yelp as soon as it spots you, tucking into itself it vanishes with a pop as though it had imploded. Leaving the satchel in the clearing.
You investigate the contents.

Choose a weapon of your choice to add to your inventory,
Roll 2 Loot!



Somewhere deep into the forest you come across a beautiful flowery clearing. Captivated by them you wonder into the clearing to study them closer before you realise what they are.
Lunablooms, sparkling night blue petals with a soft white glowing tendril in the centre that seem to lean in to sense you. You stand slowly and look for the shortest way out of the clearing but it’s too late, in unison the flowers coil momentarily and then fill the air with a sparkling bright blue powdery noxious gas.
The trees around you immediately seem to twist and bow. The floor tilts this way and that and making your way out of the previously flat clearing is now like climbing an almost vertical hill of flowers.
You crawl on your paws and knees to escape the clearing as thin blue and white tendrils begin to envelop and tighten around you. 

Make a saving throw.
Roll 1 D10.

You try and keep your mind straight and for a moment you’re able to take in your surroundings, you’ve been crawling further into the flower patch!

Lose 1 Time.
Lose 1FP.
Make another Saving Throw.

You inhale some of the spores but manage to make it out unscathed… Mostly.

Lose 1FP.


(Additional Time Cost: 1 Hour)

You patrol alongside a dark river deeper into the woodland when something catches your eye up ahead. The faint outline of a bear, a shadow against the darkness of the forest. It is unnervingly still and you take a knee to study it quietly for a moment. Nothing, you start to wonder if it’s a bear at all when suddenly it turns with such a snap it makes your fur stand on end. It’s looking right at you, Eyes smoking white, a Forgotten! You raise your weapon and quickly check your surroundings, a deep sense of dread fills your chest as you spot another quiet pair of eyes, and another, surrounding you.
All at once they break into an animalistic sprint, screaming towards you, shredding their path through the foliage with ease.

Face off against the Forgotten Shriekers in the Encounters section.


Instant + Encounter.

As cautiously as you are attempting to tread through the undergrowth of the forest you are still caught off guard by a Snatching Vine that lassos your ankle, cracking you like a whip against the hard forest floor before dragging you through the bracken and bushes. It pulls you straight through a quiet huddle of Forgotten bears who all catch sight of you and begin to hungrily pursue your trail.

Make a saving throw.

Roll 1 D10.

Continue to be dragged and pursued.

Lose 1FP.
Make another saving throw.

You cut yourself free!

Lose 1 Time.
Face off against the Forgotten Shriekers in the Encounters section.

You cut yourself free and manage to roll out of sight.
The Forgotten run off still pursuing the noise of the Snatching Vine.

Lose 1FP.



After coming across a blockage caused by fallen rubble you attempt a shortcut through a narrow rocky passage threaded by thick roots. As you push your way over and under this natural assault course you find yourself having to put more and more effort into pulling your paws and boots away from the root trunks. They are coated in a fine sticky gossamer.
A few poorly placed steps later and you find yourself suspended by an inconceivably intricate intersection of strong gum-like web. The eight legged homeowners don’t seem to be around but you know you have to break out without causing another avalanche of rocks.

Make a saving throw.
Roll 1 D10.

You remain stuck fast, you try again to free yourself.

Lose 1 Time.
Make another Saving Throw.

You free yourself and fall to the gravelly floor with a thud. Bruised but alive you make your escape from the webbed passage.

Lose 1 FP.


Instant + Encounter.
(Additional Time Cost: 1 Hour)

A deep, gargling roar breaks the dark woodland silence so suddenly that it makes your stuffing curl and your fur stand on end. You instantly pick up on the sound of heavy paws thumping the dirt and hurtling towards you but you can’t place the direction in time.
A hulking great mass of a creature smashes into your side and sends you hurtling into a nearby tree.

Make a saving throw.
Roll 1 D10.

You hit the tree trunk. Hard!

Lose 2FP
Break your Primary Weapon.
Face off against the Windegobear in the Encounters section.

You glance the tree with your shoulder sending you spinning to the floor but mostly unharmed. You shake off the daze and ready yourself.

Lose 1FP.
Face off against the Windegobear in the Encounters section.



You wander through a grove of mushrooms somewhere in the forest. The air is stifling here and you decide to stop for a moment to rehydrate, placing your pack down you grab your canteen but just as you unscrew the cap there is a damp pop sound that startles you, next to your backpack a small, mossy creature covered in mushrooms and weeds appears to have popped into existence. It unclips your weapon from the side of your pack with practiced ease and speeds off over the roots and rocks deeper into the forest.
You drop your canteen and chase after it!

Make a saving throw.
Roll 1 D10.

The Woodkinn gets away with your weapon.

Lose your Primary
If you don’t have a primary then lose your Secondary Weapon.
Remove it from your character sheet.

You catch the Woodkinn and retrieve your weapon as well as its sack before it seems to pop out of existence.

Gain 3 Loot.


(Additional Time Cost: 1 Hour)

Whilst investigating a small ruin on a hillside you notice a disturbance in the ground, like a giant molehill of powdery, churned up mud. Then another nearby, and another. You spot some movement under the dirt heading directly towards you and have the good sense to hop onto a stone wall in time to dodge several rows of swirling fangs that burst from the ground. It coils to spring at you as you ready your weapon!

Face off against the Burrowing Lintworm in the Encounters section.



What starts as a frustrating inconvenience hauling yourself through a boggy part of the forest quickly turns into a serious problem as you realise you can no longer pull your legs forward, sinking another inch with every attempt to move forward!

If you have Load-Bearing Gear you may choose to lose it in order to free yourself from the bog..

– OR –
Make a saving throw.
Roll 1 D10.

The struggle continues.

Lose 1 hour.
Make another Saving Throw.

You successfully pull yourself out of the bog! 


Instant / Encounter

You enter a clearing in front of a gaping, rock-toothed maw of a cave, the entrance littered with remnants of Teds, torn gear and broken weapons. A few items catch your eye but it’s very clear that you shouldn’t spend any more time here than you have already.

You can head back to the Encampment now or you can loot the area.

If you loot the area, Make a saving throw.
Roll 1 D10.

Gain 3 Loot.
Gain 1 Cluster Bomb.

Quickly rootling through some of the torn pouches and dashed backpacks you find a paw-full of useful items before you begin to hear movement from within the maw. A crackling, creaking moan grumbles and the sound of disturbed rocks scatter echoes within the darkness.

If you wish to stay and face the creature within then move to the next result. Or you can head back to the Encampment now.

You are right in the centre of the clearing, rustling through a shredded backpack when you hear an otherworldly cackle that makes your fur stand on end.
Turning to the cave entrance you witness long, hairy, talon tipped legs arching out of the darkness and clasping the cave entrance, hauling it’s heavy body from the depths, the eyes are the first thing you see.

So many hungry, scrutinising, paralysing eyes. You pull yourself upright and raise your weapon as the Forgotten terror lurches into the sickly light of the clearing, its cackle straining from its poisonous, oozing jaws.

Face off against the Phobus Arachno in the Special Encounters Section.




Beyond the darkness you spy an eerie glow through a nearby grove of trees. On approach you hear a chittering that could almost be mistaken for cheery conversation, but as you look into the grove there is only an assortment of flowers, mushrooms and mossy logs scattered around the clearing. All with a bioluminescence made brighter by the dark night.

Suddenly one of mossy stumps jerks in your direction and yelps in a high pitched squeak, there is a rush of movement and, in short lived puff of colourful powder, the grove is suddenly dark and empty… You realise you must have disturbed a WoodKinn gathering! It makes you feel a bit sad for a moment until you spot a small pile of loot in the middle of the grove!


Roll 4 loot.


Instant / Encounter.

The roughly worn path you are travelling breaks out of the forest into a meadow of tall grass. A hill sits in the centre with a gnarled looking tree reaching up into the night sky. On the hill with the tree sits a sight both beautiful and harrowing. A Windegobear, its fur twinkling in the darkness, its long sharp antlers glowing brightly at the tips.
You suddenly feel very exposed. Knowing full well you are a dark blip in a sea of pale moonlit grass. The bears head raises sharply, its bright eyes watching your movements.

You back away towards the tree-line again slowly, watching the Windegobear’s agitation at your presence grow by the second.

Make a saving Throw.
Roll 1 D10.

A branch breaks under-boot, breaking the silence in the meadow.
That’s the last straw for the Windegobear who leaps to its heavy legs and, in a single otherworldly bound, it leaps the great distance towards you, landing with a hefty thunk and an ear splitting roar that ejects all the wildlife from the area in a heartbeat.

Lose 1 Hour.
Face off against the Starlit Windegobear in the Encounters Section.

You recede into the dark treeline and see the Starlit Windegobears head lower slowly as it relaxes in its coveted field once more.
You breathe a sigh of relief and decide to take another path.


(Additional Time Cost: 1 Hour)

A fog descends in a thicket of dead boney trees. You tread carefully but visibility is your enemy. You hear a branch break nearby, the crumbling scuffle of stones. Then you hear it, a shriek like claws on metal. It rips into your mind and you try to hold your attention together.
White eyes become visible through the fog, you are surrounded.

Make a Saving Throw.
Roll 1 D10.
(If you have Darksight Equipped then +1 to your roll result)

Fear sets in deeply.
You attempt to get out of the situation fast, sprinting back along the path only to trip on a tangle of exposed roots, landing on your weapon.

Break your Primary or Secondary Weapon.
Take 2FP Damage.
Face off against the Forgotten Shriekers in the Encounters Section.

You check your weapon and stand your ground, looking around to choose a pair of eyes to make your first target. You fire a shot that seems to hit nothing but fog and before you can choose a new target they are on you. Violent claws, piercing eyes and deafening shrieks. You are slashed several times before you can raise your weapon again.

Take 3FP Permanent Damage
(Mark an [X] in your Fluff Points box, this cannot be healed in the Tedlands)
Face off against the Forgotten Shriekers in the Encounters Section.

Remember your training.
With a swift duck and run to a nearby tall thicket of thorns and trees you break line of sight with one side of the path, raising your weapon to take on the targets racing towards you from a position of control.

Face off against the Forgotten Shriekers in the Encounters Section.



Instant + Encounter.

You’ve been hearing muffled shrieks for the last few seconds and you’ve been on alert looking out for any pairs of eyes that might give their position away, but for what feels like a too long you don’t see anything, that is until in one cautious boot step you feel the ground beneath you writhe sharply and a vine whips around your ankle!
You are upside down in a second and being hauled towards a gigantic beak protruding from the forest canopy. Around the beak are parts of other bears, some of which only limbs and torsos. Whatever the vines could manage to bring back from miles around. You notice several Forgotten are hanging like putrid fruit near the beak. They spot you and in a moment more Forgotten show up on the ground, shrieking at you from below.
This is a tight spot!

Make a saving throw.
Roll 1 D10.

Here it comes!
You can’t wrestle either of your weapons free, the beak snaps at you and cuts through your gear, creating just enough give for you to wrestle free! The fall is painful but there’s no time to think about it. You race out of the clearing with several Forgotten in tow!

Take 5FP Damage.
Face off against the Forgotten Shriekers in the Encounters Section.

Nailed it!
You manage to wrestle a weapon free of the grip and take a shot at the beak as it opens its maw to chomp on you. It lets out a booming shriek and releases its vines from you, you grab hold of them and swing down to the forest floor, along with a hail of mangled body parts, weapon raised and straight ready for the oncoming attackers.

Face off against the Forgotten Shriekers in the Encounters Section.


Instant / Encounter.

Some way off the path deep in the woods you hear a voice call out to you cautiously.
“Hey!… Hey Fuzzy Wuzzy!”
The voice is just off a whisper.

“Over here.”

You follow the sound and come upon a Hunter caught in a huge mesh of webs.
“Get me outta here I’ll make it worth your while!”
The Hunter seems suitably nervous about his situation and rightly so, a dark shape moves beyond some of the thick cluster of webs deeper in the forest behind him.
Branches creek and crack as it approaches.
“There’s not much time, Fuzz! Come on!”

You quickly slice the sticky silk near the Hunters paws and hips giving him the flexibility he needs to pull himself from the web.
“Thanks Fuzzball.”
He smirks, grabbing a modded pistol from a backpack on the ground and, without hesitation, shooting you in the leg.

He shouts as he strikes and throws a flare on the ground near you before taking off into the darkness.

Lose 3FP.
Lose 2 Time.
Face off against the Phobus Arachno in the Special Encounters section.

“You’re kidding me Fuzz… OK OK, on my pack over there… Modded P12 and whatever else is in there, it’s yours. Please dude!”
You grab the pack and take a quick look inside. There’s a small knife you take out and slice the sticky silk around one of the Hunters arms, then place the knife in his free paw and nod to him.
“You fluffin’…”
He starts, but quickly starts to hack at the web to free himself.

You both take off in different directions before the white eyes of the Phobus Arachno are in view.

You gain:

Secondary weapon

Double Tap +
For Every Successful Hit you may re-roll one Special Attack result in the same Combat Roll.

greande belt (FL)

Use when making a saving throw: Roll 3 die instead of one and choose a result from them.

Loot 5
hunter plans

Note the number 5 in your loot box and hand in back at The Capital.

loot 6
Hunter Tech

Note the number 6 in your loot box and hand in back at The Capital.

The shadow of the gigantic spider is growing too quickly for your liking and you know it’s highly unlikely the Hunter would save your fur if the shoe was on the other paw. You shake your head and back off down the path.

The Hunter screams terrible curses at you that echo through the forest, suddenly turning to screams of fluff curling agony before being sharply silenced. Punctuated by the alien cackle of a sated Phobus.



Somewhere along the way you have deviated from the path you intended to follow and you find yourself at the edge of a broad and dark lake. It’s a beautiful sight. The moonlight ripples on the surface and all manner of plants and bugs float lazily on the ripples. You are captivated, but you shake it off and turn back to follow the path up, but before you know it the path leads you to the same edge of the lake. You are lost.

Make a Saving Throw.
Roll 1 D10

Try as you might to look for signs that lead back to the main path you find yourself back at the same lake… This is getting very quickly frustrating.

Lose 1 time and make another Saving Throw.

You realise you can’t trust your eyes.
You close them and march away from the lake, before you know it your boots touch a stoney path! You’re back on track… You look back down the route you walked up and can see no lake between the trees even though you only walked a short distance. You shake of the shiver and march on.


Instant / Encounter.

A gaping tunnel lies at the foot of a tall dirt embankment you are approaching. Scrapes and scratches create an unwelcoming mat of markings  at its entrance. You approach with elevated caution. With your weapon raised you give a short flash of a torch inside to reveal a yawning hole further into the ground.

This tunnel runs very deep.

You creep further in carefully, flashing your torch occasionally to check the ground for any pitfalls. Along the way you find some useful items attached to various shreds of packs and torn pouches.
The Tunnel opens out into a cavity with several other tunnels leading off from it, and in the centre, entangled into one another, two Burrowing Lintworms look like they are coiled in a mating ritual.
You turn to leave but your boot knocks a nearby stone, the two Lintworms thrash apart and screech at you, understandably upset by your presence!

2 Loot.
2 First Aid Kits.
1 Repair Kit.

Lose 1 Time.
Face off against 2 Burrowing Lintworms in the Encounters section.
Fight one straight after the other.
(Make a note in your Field Notes section to remember)

So much of this situation screams Nope!
You turn heel, as you do the gravel beneath your boot scrapes against one another and the sound echoes down into the dark, another sound calls back, a chorus of gravel rolling, rushing up towards you, you are barely able to turn back around when you are rushed by a wall of teeth!

Take 4FP Damage.
Lose 1 Time.
Face off against the Burrowing Lintworm in the Encounters Section.



On the path ahead of you a little flame floats weightlessly, flickering in tones of pink and yellow.
You stop in your tracks and study it… A Hinkypunk. You’ve heard these tricksy lights are fickle things. Some stories say following them lead to riches, others to ruin. It’s a gamble!
You can walk away now or you can follow it.

If you decide to follow it, roll a D10.

You follow the flame behind a large fallen tree. It giggles cheerily and then extinguishes in a flash. Leaving you to witness a sorry looking sight.

The results of a struggle between a Patrol Ted and a Forgotten bear… Recently Forgotten by the looks of things, wearing tattered TTHQ fatigues.
You collect their TedTags and transfer their funds to your account, as is protocol. You find many useful items between them before you take a moment of silent respect and continue on your way.

2x Loot result 1.
30 TedCreds.
1 Smoke Grenade.
1 Cluster Bomb.
1 Staniss LM1 (Broken).

The flame leads you into a small clearing among the trees, chuckles cheerily and then extinguishes in a sudden poof! Ahead of you, you see what looks like a cocoon of thorns, encircled by a mound of lifeless creatures from small bugs to various medium sized quarry. It’s a Phantom Shroud… The dwelling place to one of the Forgotten’s most formidable creatures.

In the dark archway of the shroud two glowing eyes emerge. You do as training commands in these scenarios, you turn and you run as fast as you can.
Turning back you see the faint shadow of a bear gliding effortlessly across the dark forest floor, gaining on you with ease. It passes through you and you feel yourself drained of energy almost entirely. You fall to the floor, exhausted, as the phantom gleefully takes on slightly more physical form, leaving you in the dirt, barely breathing.

Leave 1 Fluff Point of health.
Fill the rest of your bar with Permanent Damage.
(Mark as an [X] on your Fluff Point boxes. This cannot be healed in the Tedlands.)



You exit the forest treeline on the southside of Whispwood and you see the twinkling lights of Crowsrest in the distance. The lights of small outposts and lit convoy routes twinkle like stars across the otherwise dark region. Then you spot something interesting on the hillside nearby. A run down looking Hunchback MK1, lightly modded and repainted, definitely a Hunters ride but there are no other bears in sight.
Ths would make a handy ride to head over to Crowsrest in no time.

You can leave the Hunchback and return to your Whispwood patrols.
If you decide to see if you can get it working to ride to Crowsrest then roll 1 D10.

Dead Battery.
There’s no juice left in the battery to get it started up… Likely the reason it’s been abandoned here in the first place.
You see if there’s anything salvageable and head on your way.

Gain 1 loot.

Bootstrapping It.
You can see there are a couple of parts missing that can be substituted. You can use 1 Repair Kit to get this rust-show on the road.
If you do, you notice there’s barely any juice in the battery but it’ll get you to Crowsrest without a doubt.

Gain 1 Loot.


Purring like a Kitten.
You give the old hunk of junk a loving kick in a couple of key places and it practically starts itself up. There’s barely any juice in the battery but it’ll get you to Crowsrest without a doubt.

Gain 3 Loot.




The darkness of the forest is so thick that you barely even realise you have wondered into a cave. Your boot taps a stone that begins to skip noisily down the broad tunnel for far too long. Punctuated by a sudden and alarming scrambling sound!

In the sickly luminescence of your torchlight you witness so many legs and eyes charge out of the shadow with such ferocity that it could knock you off your paws before even reaching you.
For a moment, amidst the bulwark of prickly hairs and the gaping venomous maw you see a ghastly apparition of a fellow teddy that plants a fear so deep inside you that you wonder if you can snap out of it in time to defend yourself.

Face off against the Phobus Arachno in the Special Encounters section.


You’ve arrived here through Patrol results or through successfully Tracking.
Grab all the D10s from your dice pool and get ready for combat!

If things get tough remember you can Flee an Encounter after any Combat Roll.
To Flee, Roll 1 D10:
1-3 = Bad exit. Take the roll result as damage.
4-10 = Swift exit. You escape with ease.
Either way, return to the Region Encampment.


Forgotten Shriekers



More Shriekers show up, negating any Successful Hits you made this combat round. Keep shooting Soldier!

Tainted Claws:
Any damage from Forgotten is taken as Permanent Damage. Place an [X] in the fluff points box to show this. This cannot be healed by Med Kits or resting at camp. Only by returning home.


Burrowing Lintworm
Lint eaters


Noxious spray!

Make a saving throw to avoid Noxious Spray.
If you roll a 1 to 3 you are hit and take 2FP damage.



Mytho / bear


Insatiable hunger!

If Windegobear has rolled any Counter Attack  results during this Combat Roll they deal 2 FP damage each and are rerolled, dealing 1 more FP damage for every result of 9 or 10.

1 looT

starlit Windegobear
Mytho / bear


Ravaging Strikes

Break a unit on your character sheet every time you are hit with a ravaging strike.
If all your units are broken then lose one of them by erasing it from your character sheet.

20 tedcreds

Phobus Arachno

Special Encounter Effect:
If, in real life, you would say you have a phobia of spiders then you must make a saving throw to see if your bear does not flee.

If you roll a 1 then permanently lose your both weapons (erase them from your sheet) and return to the encampment at once.

If you roll anything else then you enter combat.

EVERY Counter Attack made by Phobus Arachno is Permanent Damage.
Mark permanent damage by putting an [X] in the fluff points box. This cannot be healed by Med Kits or resting at camp. Only by returning home.





Make a saving throw with the same die that caused the Special Ability.
If you roll a 1 then you break an item on your character sheet of your choice before making the next combat roll.
If there is nothing left to break then bench 1 die.

2 looT
Phobus venom sack

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