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Commanding General Caedes has tasked me with organising the Hallowed Moon Patrols this year.

As you all know, the Hallowed Moon marks the start of the darkest days in the Tedlands. And with it, ill-willed creatures encroach on our borders, terrorising our convoys and compromising missions as we send our brave bears into the darkness.

Those of you who volunteer to take on the Hallowed Moon Patrols do the Capital a commendable service. And commended you will be, whether you return most fortunately unscathed, or torn from ear to tail ready to get stitched back together. You will be saluted and welcomed with an event-special Hallowed Moon commendation.

But first! Let’s get a few things straight.

You’re going to need to register for the event Patrol by completing this form, TTHQ love a good form don’t they.

Get your Registration Form.

Introducing your Character Sheet.

Download your character sheet by performing one of the two options listed below based on how you’re viewing this page. Once printed. Grab a pencil and five 10 sided dice, alternatively you can Google “Roll Dice” to do this digitally.

Desktop: Right click and save, or drag and drop onto your desktop.
Phone: Press and hold to save or screenshot.

Issued Kit.


You start the event with one Repair Kit, one First Aid Kit and four dice in your Banked Dice.

With a pencil, add a + to the empty squares to show you have these items.

The equipment you choose next may grant you extra dice and kits. Add another + if so.

You cannot gain more than the maximum number of segments for dice or kits.

Select your Rank.

Note your Rank Bonus.

Make a note on your Character Sheet of your current Rank and it’s Rank Bonus listed below.

New Recruit

No Bonus.


No Bonus.
Start the event with a stun grenade.
When rolling combat you can “Use” the stun grenade to cancel the results of any number of dice you like.
Add this to your inventory and remove once used.


Bonus: Whenever making a patrol roll you can reroll it one more time if you do not like the first result. You must accept the second roll.


Bonus: After any combat roll you may choose to break any number of your weapons and instantly convert one die per broken weapon to extra damage.


Bonus: If you reduce your opponents hit points to zero in the first combat roll then you regain the additional time that encounter originally cost you.


+ one die to your standard dice pool.

Bonus: You can reroll one die every time you make a combat roll.

Select your Weapons.

Choose a primary and secondary weapon.

Grab your character sheet and make a note of your Primary and Secondary weapon. For this event you can make one of them the same weapon as your bear is holding in the Roster image or you can run something entirely different.

The armoury is at your disposal for the duration of the event but will not reflect your characters roster visual.

Staniss serat

If your opponent only has one hit point remaining after any combat roll then you may choose to instantly deal one extra damage and break this weapon.
If you do not have enough dice left in your combat roll to convert one, breaking the weapon still counts as the final hit of damage.

double tap

If your other weapon is broken then this weapon can reroll one die during any combat roll.

STANISS hotshot

For every successful hit on your opponent during a combat roll you can reroll one of the other dice from that same roll.

staniss sbr1
burst fire

After any combat roll: you may ignore the results, bench one die and reroll the remaining. You can do this as many times as you have dice.

staniss r6
old reliable

+ one die to your standard dice pool.

staniss lm1
suppressive fire

For every successful hit during combat rolls, roll one bonus die. Regardless of the result this die stays in your dice pool for the rest of the encounter to a maximum of 8 dice total.

STANISS slugger
close and personal

During a combat roll, if you roll two results against a shield icon on your opponents combat grid then one of the dice becomes a successful hit.

STANISS bar-a1
sharpest shot

At the start of an encounter, before making the first combat roll, you may choose to bench one die and instantly use another die as a hit to your opponent.

Select your Gear.

Choose your load bearing gear.

Make a note on your character sheet of the gear you would like to use for the event. For the event if can be the gear you’re wearing or something completely different.

The armoury is at your disposal for the duration of the event but will not reflect your characters roster visual.

Staniss evader
Jammy Dodger

For every successful hit you roll during combat you may ignore one counter attack within the same roll.

Staniss espion
third time's a charm

If you roll two successful hits in the same roll during combat then convert one other die to damage, ignoring its original result.

Staniss recce
track smart

Whenever you make a patrol roll, roll two dice instead of one and choose whichever result you prefer.

Staniss siege
unstoppable force

If you would take damage during combat you may instead choose to break this item and ignore all damage received in that roll.

Select your Traits.

Choose up two traits.

Make a note on your character sheet of two traits from the commendations your bear has earned.
You can check your commendations on the Roster page.

influencers sway

Make a note of a third weapon in your inventory section. If your primary or secondary weapon breaks you can consider it replaced instantly with this one so you do not lose the dice from your dice pool. However you can only use this third weapons bonus while it is considered equipped.


+ one die to your standard dice pool.

Recruiter 1

calling in a favour

You can travel between regions once without spending time. Completely remove this trait after use by erasing it from your character sheet.

Ace Ambassador
a friendly face

When you first arrive at a new region you are gifted one loot from the camp watch-bear.

smooth talker

If your patrol finds you in an combat with another bear you can choose to avoid it and instead gain one loot.

Tactical Textiles
bearly visible

During the first combat roll of any encounter you are immune to counter attacks.

Radiant Moon Event

Radiant moon
fresh air bear

Immune to noxious gasses. Ignore any effects from noxious gasses including the need to make saving throws.

Rad reviewer
perfect condition

If your primary weapon is broken you don’t lose the dice from your dice pool.

grail finder
a well buttoned eye

If one of your patrols result in an instant that grants you loot, you instead find two loot. Break this trait if that happens.

charitable donation

Start the event with 1 loot (roll for it as normal)

heart of gold
high roller

+ one die to your standard dice pool.

KoFi break

When you visit an encampment you may return to full health and fix all weapons and gear for time cost of 1. Completely remove this trait after use by erasing it from your character sheet.

Orientation and Deployment  –

Cast your eye over the following instructions for combat and terminology. Keep this page open for reference.

At the end you will find your transportation ready and waiting to take you to the region of your choice.



Out in the wilds you will face many challenges, but none more formidable than hungry creatures and hungrier bears who have lost their way. So stay sharp! Here’s the run-down on how combat works.

Roll all of your dice and resolve all results. Putting any Successful Hits to one side to mark your opponents damage taken.

Check if you or your opponent have suffered the maximum damage.
(Opponent health is the number of dice shaped pips inside their heart icon)

If you are both still standing then make another combat roll.

Do this until you or your opponent runs out of hit points, or if you run out of dice to be able to successfully take down your opponent.

If you run out of hit points then you pass out and wake up back at the encampment.

If you run out of dice that would be an automatic “Flee” result where combat ends and your character would escape back to the region encampment.




You found an opening in your opponents defences and hit your them for 1 damage. Put any successful die to one side before another combat roll.



You land no hit as it is deflected by armour or simply dodged.



You land no hit. Your opponent hits you for 1 damage.
Mark it on your character sheet before the next combat roll.



You land no hit. You trigger the opponents special ability.
Check it and perform it before the next combat roll.

Combat Win Conditions when you’re in the field.

Encounter Victory:
You have the same number of successful hit dice put to one side as your opponent has hit points.
Gain the Rewards and return to region Encampment.
Encounter Loss:
You has lost all Fluff Points and have no Med Kits to use.
Return to region Encampment where you can spend time to heal or decide to call it a day and head to the Capital.
Encounter Flee:
After a combat roll has been resolved you may choose to flee. You cannot flee before the first combat roll.
Return to the region Encampment.



This is the number of dice you own. A combination of your standard 5 dice + any bonus dice awarded by your rank, weapons, gear or traits.


Almost everything you do in the Teldands costs you time. It will always be detailed along your journey when you are required to spend time.


You can hold a maximum of five repair kits which you can use to repair one broken unit on your character sheet at any time, including between combat rolls.


You can hold a maximum of five med kits which you can use to heal two fluff points any time, including between combat rolls.


One result you may get from patrols or from defeating combatants is loot! Roll one die and note the number down in your loot box. Each number denotes a grade of loot.


One result you may get from patrols or defeating combatants is TedCreds! Make a note of the TedCreds in your TedCreds box and add them up once you reach the Capital ready for a shopping trip!


During your patrols you may acquire items of interest. Note these down in your inventory. You do not have a maximum inventory space so if you find something it will always be worth keeping!


Once you have arrived at camp you will need to go out on patrol. Roll one die and check the result for that number.


One result of a patrol may be combat with the flora, fauna or a fellow teddy. Rolling your entire dice pool and check the results against the opponents combat grid until victory, defeat or retreat!


One result of a patrol may be an instant, A short narrative scenario which plays out instantly for better or worse. Follow any instructions before either returning to the encampment or rolling another patrol.


Roll one die (if you don’t have any spare then use the die that triggered the saving throw as it will usually be a special ability result) and follow the saving throw rules.


Some abilities may give you the option to “Bench” die for a benefit.
Benched dice are put to one side and not included in the rest of the combat rolls for that encounter. Add any benched dice back into your dice pool once the encounter is over.
Be sure not to place the benched dice to the same side as you are collecting your successful hit dice to avoid confusion.


That’s all from me, Ted troops! Get out there and make TTHQ proud!

Skope gestures firmly towards a row of Postie TPCs, hardy looking Teddy Personnel Carriers, rear loading doors wide open and engines purring.
Each one bound for a different region in the Tedlands.

Time to jump in and head out on patrol!
Where do you go?

Crows rest

Rolling Hills and open skies sounds quite relaxing until you realise there’s nowhere to hide.


The darkness beyond the treeline is made of more than just shadows.

redspine rows

Time to rock and roll. Watch out for falling rocks and large creatures that roll!


TTHQ tried to make the way to the desert impassable. It became a labyrinth of horrors.

Good Luck.

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